3 MSP Marketing Tips from the Thor Movies

MSP marketingThe Thor films are highly entertaining and offer plenty of lessons that can be applied to your MSP marketing campaign. For example, Thor is never intimidated and is always ready to face any challenges. Similarly, you must have the ability to overcome obstacles and never get intimidated by any situation. A fearless mindset will enable you to avoid backing down from a challenge and prepare for any situation. Here are three simple, yet powerful marketing lessons that you can learn from Thor movies:

1. Learn to Say No

Do you understand the importance of saying no or are you always accepting new projects without thinking about the current workload? Many IT providers overcommit to too many projects, which can severely damage relations with clients. Sometimes, it’s more beneficial to say no if you’re uncertain that your IT team can meet the deadlines for a particular project. Similarly, Thor was never afraid to utter the phrase “I say thee nay!”. So, you must have the courage to decline to work on projects that may overextend your resources and damage relations with clients due to missed deadlines or low-quality work.

2. Always Keep Promises

Another key MSP marketing technique is to always keep your promises to customers. Failure to maintain promises will create a lack of trust that can ultimately cause a client to choose another IT company. Always following through with promises will boost relations with clients and help your organization grow into a leading IT company in your area. In the movies, Thor always kept his promises, even if they were delayed. He gave his word to Jane Foster that he would eventually return to earth, and he fulfilled this promise, even though he had many obstacles in his path. As you can see, it’s critical to do what you have promised while still juggling the needs of other clients on a daily basis.

3. Create Brand Awareness

For creating brand awareness, it is essential to focus on producing relevant content about your business. Though it might appear to be a time-consuming process, it is one of the most crucial aspects of creating brand awareness. Besides this, quality content can also help build a good reputation for you among your prospective customers. Fortunately, reputation management companies can help create appealing content for your target audience. By using “Audience Persona”, such firms can find out your target demographic and the types of content capable of compelling interaction.

Remember that focusing on building your brand can reach a wide range of clients that would have never been possible otherwise. For example, focusing on social media campaigns can reach many potential clients without any additional costs. Offering various promotions can help build the reputation of your IT company and is an excellent way to market your business in today’s digitally-focused society.

Similarly, Marvel advertises each one of the Thor movies well in advance and is able to drive interest in the series, which ultimately leads to more people going to the movies to see their favorite superhero. Whether you have an IT company with tons of experience or none whatsoever, the ability to market your brand can lead to increased sales through the art of building a personal brand.

The Thor movie franchise offers many valuable teachings that can be applied to your MSP marketing campaign. To recap, recognizing the importance of saying no can help you avoid being overextended and missing deadlines and to avoid damage relationships with clients. Of course, always keeping promises will help build your brand and enable your IT organization to reach many new clients by having a stellar reputation. The combination of these traits will give you a significant edge over competitors and can transform your company into a premier IT company in the IT industry.

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Matt Kozloski

As Vice President, Professional Services at Kelser Corporation, Matt encourages his IT services in CTteam to think of themselves as managed it services engineers in Connecticut, not just engineers. “There’s a part of consulting that’s art and can’t be exactly taught or explained. It’s empathizing with a customer’s situation, being responsive and responsible, and maintaining integrity along the way.” With every engagement, Matt pushes us all to think of what tangible business outcome our work will provide for our clients, and for their IT Support clients in Connecticut. As an experienced IT professional in Connecticut, he develop and deliver products and IT services in Connecticut that allow any organization to consume technology, realizing their full potential. Matt is a CISSP, VCDX certified professional.