Here’s Why DPaaS is One of the Most Integral Recovery MSP Services Available

What is DPaaS?

MSP servicesAs an MSP services company providing data protection, you should naturally include DPaaS (Data Protection as a Service). It differs from Backup and Data Recovery (BDR), as well as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Say clients have an application like Microsoft Word. Say their systems crash, and they employ some combination of BDR and DRaaS to resurrect their infrastructure. Should everything resume as it did, that’s only half the battle. If the data they’ve put into their system during the day or the month can’t be recovered, even though they’ve got systems back, they’ve lost what they use those systems for.

Effective Solutions

DPaaS makes it so that whether an application crashes or the entire system is tanked for some reason, clients recoup the information that they need through you. Oftentimes, DPaaS will employ a continuous means of backing up changes to the system. This has now been made cohesively and operationally possible through augmentations in service provision as derived through cloud computing and other innovations.

Basically, every keystroke that changes the data in a system is backed up and striated via time-stamp or some other designated means of categorization. The majority of DPaaS solutions will automatically restore an application’s data from the most recent point of data entry. Depending on the amount of storage clients require to maintain their systems, your MSP can provide DPaaS storage for them that stretches back days, months or sometimes years. Granted, there needs to be a point at which information is archived so that it doesn’t slow down operations, but that will differ per business. Clients should be consulting the professional auspices of MSP services providers like yours to help determine best practices. Market accordingly and expect informational queries about DPaaS. 

Comprehensive Protection

Now, all that being said, clients shouldn’t only rely on one sort of data protection and/or recovery solution to properly secure their business against unexpected data losses. Several recommended solutions your MSP would do well to include are:

  • DRaaS
  • BDR
  • Offsite backup
  • Cloud backup
  • Data mirroring
  • Continuous monitoring and support

Consider this possible scenario: imagine some savvy cybercriminal hacks into client DPaaS. Well, if you’ve set things up so that data protection solutions simultaneously back up programs to offsite backup solutions, you’ll be able to wipe memory that is compromised and reboot with the same data, but sans complication. This saves your clients time and money. With cloud backup solutions and data mirroring, you can maintain their operations while some viral data infection is chased down and fixed. Through continuous monitoring and support, you’re able to identify and correct anomalous activity before it becomes a compromising agent to client operations.

Designing Human Error-Proof Operations

Then there’s general human error to consider. Even if you’ve managed to properly secure clients against all cybercriminal intrusion and properly back up everything, there’s still the possibility that someone will zig when they should have zagged at a critical moment in operations and lose everything. There’s just no way around Murphy’s Law, and when you combine Murphy’s Law with human nature, you’ve got a recipe for disaster that just can’t be overstated. Impress on clients their need for professional management solutions that facilitate continuous fail-safe protections of a redundant nature.

The more redundant, the better. Clients should have a fail-safe for their fail-safe and then one for that. In the U.S. government, DEFCON organization has predicated a five-fold fail-safe paradigm. DEFCON 1 is imminent nuclear war. DEFCON 5 is the general situation between countries without any conflict scenarios on the horizon. This entire system is an elaborate fail-safe structure designed to protect the “data” of American society. Redundant fail-safe solutions solidify military operations, so they become idiot-proof, and they have to be! It isn’t a conglomeration of Newtonian physicists comprising the ranks of most infantry operations. 

Securing Your Clients

MSP services that include a DPaaS solution are solidifying the reliable security of client operations in the face of exterior intrusion and internal human error. This is where most problems come from operationally anyway, so ensure that whatever you do, you provide digital safety options of this kind for clients.

Bill Hogan

Bill Hogan is President of Partners Plus. A fast growing IT Support firm based in the Philadelphia area. Bill has been helping make life with business computers easier since 1981. His education as an Electrical Engineer at Penn State started a dual approach toward gaining expertise in both programming and computer networks. In 1991 he formed Partners Plus, Inc., to provide managed IT services to companies in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, based on being a business operations ally and understanding the need to speak to company leaders in plain English rather than ‘techno-babble’. And while others tend to focus their attention on the mechanical components of a computer system, Bill and his staff take a more global approach - how a network can be best used as an integral, reliable asset to the business owner’s goals. In 2007, after years of frustration with the sub-standard services he saw during network audits, Bill published “Hassle Free Computer Support” to educate business owners with the information they need to get superior technical support for their businesses A firm believer in keeping current with advances in technology and processes, Bill lead Partners Plus to become a Microsoft Certified Partner in 1998 and a Gold Certified Partner in 2008. And, Partners Plus Inc. has been selected by Microsoft as being in the top 1% of Partners serving the Small and Medium Business Market on the East Coast. Bill is internationally certified in Network Operations and is certified by Microsoft in project management and multiple Microsoft technologies. He also held the position of representative for the Mid-Atlantic region on Microsoft’s Advisory Board which manages all Microsoft Small Business certified partners. Partners Plus provides managed it services to clients in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley and helps them choose, implement, and manage IT and cloud solutions that are cost effective and reliable. Partners Plus’ pro-active approach to IT support is ideally suited for companies in Wilmington, Delaware or Philadelphia who depend on reliable IT infrastructure, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to keep your IT services in Delaware that way. Partners Plus clients have come to appreciate the Partners Plus team focus on operations and the ability to get the core of problems quickly, and the knowledge of how to resolve issues as quickly as possible. With the institution of the Partners Plus Protection Program, the company can now monitor, identify and resolve many network issues in minutes without coming onsite.