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Does Your MSP Business Encourage Good Leadership?

MSP businessFor your MSP business to succeed, it needs to have excellent managers and leaders, but those roles are often given to people due to previous successes that may have no connection to leadership skills at all. Good and bad leaders are everywhere, but if you want to ensure that your leaders are the right ones to help your company rise to the top, then make sure they can develop these skills.

Good Communication

It is important as a leader to be able to explain to your staff how and why things need to be done since no one reacts well to being told to do work a certain way without a valid reason. If everyone understands the rules and intricacies of why a piece of work needs to be completed and everyone is on the same page when it comes to being committed to the company succeeding, then projects will work much more smoothly.  

Optimism and a Positive Outlook

It sounds trite, but a happy office will work much faster and more successfully than a miserable one. The aim of a manager is to ensure that petty issues in the workforce can be ironed out and everyone feels valued and a part of the team. A positive attitude, particularly when there are problems to solve or projects that have issues, is essential in keeping morale up and being able to get more from your staff. It isn’t a nice feeling to be working under a cloud, and pessimistic managers can often cause even more stress for the rest of the workforce. A little bit of optimism goes a long way toward ensuring success no matter what troubles a project experiences along the way.


It is easier to get staff to work more productively and successfully if they are inspired and motivated. A good leader will be able to do this by boosting the staff’s self-esteem, playing to their strengths, and giving them new responsibilities, rewards or other incentives. It is much simpler to motivate staff through encouragement than to get work done through threats and coercion.


Any MSP business can be affected by setbacks and adversity when trying to get a project off the ground. However, the ability of a manager to be flexible when these changes occur can make the difference between a project actually getting completed successfully or falling apart completely under stress. Adaptation and being able to move with the changing circumstances can encourage the rest of the staff to do likewise so that the problem can be turned around and issues resolved faster.

Provide Support

Everyone is different, and a manager needs to recognize this and make sure each individual team member is treated as an individual. Strong relationships within a team are essential if they are to work together to produce successful work. These relationships are fostered through a mutual understanding of feelings and emotions as they relate to work processes. You want your team to be motivated. This will happen if they find their work interesting and experience exciting challenges. The more you know and understand each employee, the more you will be able to support their preferences and allow them to develop their skills.

Lead by Example

This is quite an important skill to impress upon managers. There is nothing more soul-destroying for staff who have to adhere to rules and regulations than to see the management completely flouting them. If your staff has rules that you have set out, then you should also abide by them. It builds trust and shows integrity, both of which are required if your managers are going to be requesting the staff to go beyond their normal work constraints. If everyone is joining in and working toward the same cause, managers included, the result will be a better team ethic and more will be achieved.

For your MSP business to succeed in these challenging times, you need great leaders. If you and your managers can try to harness some of these skills, your workforce will benefit and your company will go from strength to strength after implementing these initiatives.

Patricia Harris

Patricia Harris is a transformational leader with an extensive background in business development, marketing, and information technology. She has utilized strong leadership capabilities to drive measurable business results to the organizations she has lead and extensive cross-department collaboration. Her blend of marketing and information technology expertise in complex international environments brings unique value in today’s high-tech marketing environment. Currently she is bringing all this marketing experience to help Xlingshot become the number one IT services provider in Denver. Her goal is to help outperform every other managed IT services firm in the Denver market with her innovative and proven marketing techniques. Her expertise includes: Business Development Leadership  Product Launch  New Global Market Entry  Business & Market Planning  Market Research & Analysis Multi-Channel Development  Partner Relationships & Marketing  Channel Strategy Development  Sales Team Leadership  Direct Sales Experience Marketing Leadership  Solution Marketing  Demand Generation  International Marketing  Digital & Social Media SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Global leader, managing team members across multiple geographies, disciplines, and backgrounds * Proven track record for integrating diverse groups for successful implementation of company initiatives * Results-oriented management style, with extensive international marketing experience * 10 years of strategic leadership of new global market entry and product launch * Over 18 years of experience in marketing and business development with proven successful track record * 6 years of experience in the IT Support function in Denver, creating a unique blend of technology and marketing skills KEY ACHIEVEMENTS AND RECOGNITION * 48% uplift in employee satisfaction scores within 1 year leading the organization * Top 1-2% of top performers at SAP, designated as a “high potential” employee * 212% increase in product-line unit sales at JD Edwards * Awarded “Contributor of the Quarter” and Annual “Energizer” award for Outstanding Performance at Qwest