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Managed Services Marketing: Questions to Ask When Vetting SEO Companies

managed services marketingSEO has quickly become a vitally important component of the overarching advertising strategy; yet, no single approach to SEO will suffice for every single company. The use of h1 to h6 tags, ranking analytics, keyword phrases, etc. will be looked at in relation to how they can support a company and what may need to change, this will result in certain tweaks depending on what is needed and when. The unique needs and aims of each business must be accounted for. Simply optimizing a website for search engines will not guarantee a steady influx of visitors. Any seo pro knows that the key is to convert these visitors into paying customers— and that will help you with your managed services marketing plan.

Consider the manner in which Google lists websites. The search giant uses a feature known as “Google Places” that lists businesses in organic search engine results. This business listing exposure is critically important to casting a wide online net. Here is a look at some of the best questions to ask potential companies that provide SEO support:

How will you optimize my website? Will you make use of any tactics on-page or off-page?

Though the candidate won’t be able to provide a detailed answer to these questions until a thorough website analysis is performed, examples of previous services provided to clients will suffice. Most companies have overarching strategies to improve SEO and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Prospects who provide highly detailed answers to the questions posed above clearly went out of their way to study your company’s website prior to the interview. In general, the best answer to this inquiry is a response that explains how the details of the plan will be formulated following the initial meeting.

How will you pinpoint the perfect keywords for your optimization effort?

Research is essential to SEO success. If the candidate does not understand your unique managed services marketing aims, crafting an effective SEO push will prove difficult. The candidate should put forth a plan of action for your review. If it does not seem reasonable, move on to the next candidate.

Do you study competitors’ websites to get a gauge as to works best and why?

The best SEO experts stay up-to-date on competitors’ sites. This continuous analysis provides important insights into what works, what doesn’t and why certain approaches are so effective. The bottom line is if the candidate does not understand the competition, this group will not be able to provide you with the competitive advantage necessary to advance your bottom line.

Does the optimization project include an evaluation of the site’s design, user experience, content and incoming links?

The best SEO firms will provide some recommendations to improve other aspects of the site, ranging from the graphic design to user experience, layout and beyond. Each of these aspects plays an important role in the time spent on the site, progression through the site’s pages and other important metrics that impact SEO.

Is there a link strategy for my company’s specific website?

If the SEO provider does not have a link strategy that promotes the website with content on third-party websites, be it in the form of blogs, images, article directories or video, there will be problems. A link strategy is fundamental to SEO success. Furthermore, the SEO provider should know how to use a white hat search technique as opposed to the black hat search tactic that can lead to a banning by Google.

Will your company create the SEO content, or will you work with the site’s current content?

The company should have the talent required to create unique SEO content that brings visitors to the homepage, blog, social media and other portions of your online footprint. If the company is merely willing to adjust current content and alter the look of the site, it is a red flag that you will be unhappy with the final result.

If you have additional questions on your mind beyond those detailed above, write them down and ask them of prospective SEO providers. Carefully review all answers, compare responses with reviews, references, and prices before making a decision. This way, you won’t be sorry when you finally hire an SEO company to help you with your managed services marketing plan.

Jason Simons

Jason and his brother, Daniel Simons own and operate the 36 year-old managed services company in San Antonio, Houston and Austin. ICS is a second-generation company specializing in managed IT services company in San AntonioManaged IT Services, VoIP, Video and Cabling for businesses. Jason grew up in the technology sector working summers and weekends doing everything from cabling to installing phone systems and data networks. In 1997, Jason graduated from Texas A&M University with a Business Degree in Management. From there, he began working in at the IT Support Houston location for ICS as the Operations Manager, then the Sales Manager, the Branch Manager and in 2008 became a 50% owner and partner with Daniel Simons. Jason specializes in IT services that allow Houston businesses to operate more efficiently, effectively and in a secure manner. Jason is a business owner that understands how to leverage IT services to improve your San Antonio organization and is not just an IT consulting technician who is attempting to operate a business.. Jason and Daniel have a profound focus on customer service with the pride of a second-generation family owned business. With IT Support offices in San Antonio, Houston and Austin, the ICS team is positioned to provide the highest level of IT and VoIP services to your organization. Jason is passionate about implementing their core values to build one of the Leading IT companies in Houston and San Antonio !