How to Make Your MSP Company Stand Out

MSP companyRunning an MSP company, like any other business, requires the support of customers. If your company doesn’t have any sales, then it won’t be a company for long. It is important to stand out among your competitors, so that customers will come to you first. The trouble is, how do you stand out when every company is trying to do the same thing? Instead of just shouting out loud that you are the best and everyone should come to you, you need to prove it quietly and consistently, then let the results do the talking for you.

Important Ways to Find Customers

If you can interact with the right people and consistently show your best side, you are halfway to helping your company and its message get the edge over your competitors, but in a perfectly fair and businesslike way.

Find Your Fans

The best way to find customers is to convince them of the suitability of your products, but you shouldn’t be subjective about who you approach. It doesn’t matter if the person that you are persuading is likely to be a customer or not. You need to think of the bigger picture. Yes, they may buy, but equally, they may not be in the market for your particular product. However, if you can make them a fan of your products and company, they will talk about you to their colleagues and others in their business network, most of whom will probably be in a similar industry. If they are wowed by your company, they may well persuade others to look you up, and they will be the ones who turn out to be your customers.

This leads to the importance of networking. Take all the opportunities you can to meet more like-minded people in a variety of situations, and the likelihood of meeting and impressing potential customers rises exponentially. There is a myriad of networking opportunities in many large cities, but if they are lacking in yours, then start one. All business leaders should be engaging in as many networking opportunities as possible, and the influencers in your area will thank you if you are planning to fill that gap.

Be Yourself

Trying to put on a front and be the person you think potential clients are looking for never works. In these days of scam sales techniques and a YouTube video for anything and everything, it is authenticity that stands out. When representing your MSP company, put forward the real you. People respect and respond to a genuine person and a real personality, not someone just trying to sell a product. Also, you don’t just have to talk about work either. If you are an interesting person and can talk about other issues and interests, people will respond to that and will be eager to find out more about your company to see if it is a suitable fit for them. It is rare that an uncommunicative figure will garner such interest, however impressive their products are.

Be Generous

This isn’t necessarily being generous in monetary terms, but more in the help that you can give someone. It conveys a much better impression if you recommend solutions to people’s problems that don’t necessarily include your products. If your products are ideal and solve a person’s dilemma, then by all means, suggest them. If a different solution is more applicable, then the kudos you will receive for being transparent will foster more trust. Hopefully, this will then be transferred into sales at a later date.

To sum up, in order to give your MSP company the best chance in this competitive world, you have to make contacts to find your true fans, be yourself and help others out when you can. Armed with these talents, you can then make sure your company and products stand out above and ahead of the crowd. When you are genuinely trying to help, rather than just sell, clients will respond. You should see a greater improvement in the amount of people you can reach and the number of happy customers that are desperate to buy.


Patricia Harris

Patricia Harris is a transformational leader with an extensive background in business development, marketing, and information technology. She has utilized strong leadership capabilities to drive measurable business results to the organizations she has lead and extensive cross-department collaboration. Her blend of marketing and information technology expertise in complex international environments brings unique value in today’s high-tech marketing environment. Currently she is bringing all this marketing experience to help Xlingshot become the number one IT services provider in Denver. Her goal is to help outperform every other managed IT services firm in the Denver market with her innovative and proven marketing techniques. Her expertise includes: Business Development Leadership  Product Launch  New Global Market Entry  Business & Market Planning  Market Research & Analysis Multi-Channel Development  Partner Relationships & Marketing  Channel Strategy Development  Sales Team Leadership  Direct Sales Experience Marketing Leadership  Solution Marketing  Demand Generation  International Marketing  Digital & Social Media SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Global leader, managing team members across multiple geographies, disciplines, and backgrounds * Proven track record for integrating diverse groups for successful implementation of company initiatives * Results-oriented management style, with extensive international marketing experience * 10 years of strategic leadership of new global market entry and product launch * Over 18 years of experience in marketing and business development with proven successful track record * 6 years of experience in the IT Support function in Denver, creating a unique blend of technology and marketing skills KEY ACHIEVEMENTS AND RECOGNITION * 48% uplift in employee satisfaction scores within 1 year leading the organization * Top 1-2% of top performers at SAP, designated as a “high potential” employee * 212% increase in product-line unit sales at JD Edwards * Awarded “Contributor of the Quarter” and Annual “Energizer” award for Outstanding Performance at Qwest