How the Look of Your MSP Business’ Website Affects SEO Performance

MSP businessWhen someone brings up the subject of SEO, thoughts usually do not turn to the design of the website in question. Most focus on optimizing content on the homepage, blog, and social media to attract those who are most interested in the MSP business’ offerings. The truth is website design really does matter in the context of SEO.  Website design plays an important role in shaping website metrics that drive search engine rankings.

User Engagement and Search Engines

Search engines are designed to provide web surfers with highly relevant information that helps solve problems. Search engines consider the manner in which visitors use the site when determining rankings on results pages. A site with a particularly high user engagement ranks higher than a site plagued by a low level of engagement. User engagement helps search engines figure out if the site offers content the typical user actually looks for.

Users who are not strongly engaged with the site find little of the content useful. The search engine recognizes this information when creating search engine results rankings. Search engines use a number of other factors to gauge user engagement.  As an example, the percentage of arrivals who do not move beyond the initial homepage is referred to as the bounce rate. Furthermore, the average amount of time each visitor stays on the company’s website is another excellent means of measuring engagement. If users visit several pages on your MSP business’ site and spend a significant amount of time on these pages, they have a high engagement rate. Search engines reward high engagement rates with better rankings. Sites with poor metrics rank worse.

Web Page Design and User Engagement

One of the first things a user evaluates is the look of the website. In fact, most people form immediate judgments based on the look of the site. As soon as someone lands on the site, the decision is made to stay or leave. If the website does not look visually appealing or contemporary, plenty of those who arrive at this landing page will surf the web on over to a different page in a couple seconds. If others follow suit, the site’s bounce rate will be high. The average amount of time spent on the website will dip, making even more of a negative impact on search engine ranks. This is the main reason why website aesthetics really do play an integral role in SEO success. 

A Nice Website Design Boosts Conversion Rates

A web page with a professional design will make it that much easier to convert visitors into paying customers. The site’s user experience design, appearance, ease of use and compatibility with mobile devices all play important roles in improving conversion rates.

It is not enough to simply reach the first page of search engine results. If users are not greeted with a well-designed landing page, they will likely leave for a competitor’s site. The landing page, homepage, contact us page and the blog must look professional and visually attractive. The more clicks and time spent on your website really will make the battle for business that much easier.

Website Design is a key Component of a Well-Rounded SEO Strategy

The moral of this story is the usability and beauty of your MSP business’ landing page are essential to a comprehensive SEO strategy. Make sure visitors arrive at a visually striking page with a flawless user experience design and several important SEO metrics will receive quite the boost. The resulting bump in search engine results ranks will shine the spotlight that much brighter on your company. Online visitors will traverse the entirety of your web footprint, from your homepage to your blog, social media, service pages and beyond.  It all starts with a professional website design that truly engages visitors.


Jason Simons

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