“Limitless” IT Marketing Possibilities for Your MSP

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IT marketing isn’t limitless, but it can approach this infinite threshold through proper strategies. Did you see the Bradley Cooper film “Limitless”? In it, this shady guy finds some pills that make him smart, motivated, and effective. He starts taking them regularly, figuring out secrets of the universe and becoming successful.

Now, this pill doesn’t exist, though there are some Nootropic companies that would have you think otherwise. However, there are ways of conducting your operation in a way which may be defined similarly. You can hone yourself the same way. Additionally, there are lessons to learn from this film directly. Imagine if, the plot device wasn’t a pill but a, regularly, indulged willful determination toward success. With such a premise, these lessons from the movie have direct application to your MSP:

• A bright flame melts the candle quicker
• Image is exceptionally important
• Communication with clients
• Branch out appropriately
• A surrogate for the pill

A Bright Flame Melts the Candle Quicker

An IT marketing team that spends too much money on untested campaigns will expend budgetary fuel necessary for its successful flame to shine. The brighter a candle burns, the quicker it melts. You want to, effectively, light the flames of success. They should be a slow burn headed toward a massive stockpile of fuel, not a flare of light that consumes all your monetary fuel immediately.

Additionally, this has application pertaining to interpersonal relationships. You need to be straightforward and genuine, not promise the moon and fail to deliver. In “Limitless”, Cooper’s poor behavior catches up with him and it ends up being an entertaining caper. In real life, such situations are embarrassing, painful, and ultimately bad for business.

Image Is Exceptionally Important

What you want to do is cultivate a brand image that doesn’t oversell itself. Cooper in “Limitless” gives himself away as a bit of a “rube” by not properly presenting himself in terms of image. “Dress for success” is a phrase that comes to mind.

Also, you want to consider how powerful a first impression can be. Have a professional image online and in person. Research your image. Check out brands and logos. Find what most resonates with your target audience. Dress well. Uniforms could be preferred or if you’re looking to appeal to a more modernized demographic, then professional discretion may be the name of the game. If you’re dealing with big-ticket clients, you want to look like you’ve come to win. Know your market, know yourself, dress accordingly.

Communication with Clients

Cooper communicates with characters at different levels of effectiveness throughout Limitless. Likewise, you’ll likely find as you go about honing your operations that you encounter communication issues on occasion. To overcome them, learn from past mistakes, and establish appropriate protocols. Make it a point to contact and re-contact existing clients as well as prospects.

Branch Out Appropriately

As you have success, you’ll have the opportunity to compound that success and you should. Markets are not static, they are always in flux. Just like in “Limitless”, where Bradley Cooper learns new skills through his newfound “powers”, your business will be able to do more as it becomes more successful. So, branch out. If your “pill” supply dries up, you’ll need collateral income. The will to succeed, the vision, and your goals are things that can be hampered by exigencies beyond your control. Overcoming them requires sustainable operations.

A Surrogate for The Pill

In truth, there is no limitless pharmaceutical that will revitalize everything as in the film. There is strategic operational planning, optimization, expansion, communication, image cultivation, and conduct. These things in concert can act as a surrogate for this fictional pill, driving your business to new heights of success and profitability over time. The final key here is persistence. You will see a payoff if you’re doing things right, but it may take a few years to mature.

Success and Consequences

IT marketing tends to expand as a given MSP does, though this is not always the case. Greater success yields increased market-share, yielding further markets worth reaching out to. Reestablish your goals as you achieve them, and your MSP’s scope could be limitless.

Marc Bartholomew

Marc Bartholomew is the CEO and founder of Integritechs Technology Professionals, a Los Angeles based Technology support provider, offering a variety of managed IT services in Los Angeles to small businesses. Integritechs provides a wide array of IT solutions in the greater Los Angeles area, with an excellent service by aligning their goals with their customers: stable, reliable Los Angeles IT services, managing technology throughout its lifecycle, while controlling costs. Marc believes the best way to accomplish this is through regular, proactive management. Integritechs achieves this by encouraging scheduled visits and bundling everything their customer's needs into their managed services plans in los Angeles to keep their systems running smoothly.