The Importance of Communication in Managed Services Marketing

managed services marketingIn order to succeed in business, you need to master the skill of communication. In your managed services marketing campaign, good skills may definitely bring in quality customers, but strong and constant communication makes them loyal and potentially bring in new clients. Communication is a massive key to creating good customer service. This does not only include the ability to speak clearly and be understood, it also includes other elements, such as empathy and listening. Communication holds the customer experience together and is the foundation of a strong bond between customers and your business. Every point of contact can make a big impression on your customers and can certainly make or break the relationship. Mastering the skill of communication may take your MSP business to the next level.


Listening to what your customers have to say goes far beyond simply hearing what is said. You need a solid awareness of nonverbal and verbal communication. It is necessary to give full attention to your customer and look them in the eye. This is just simple good etiquette and respect. It is important to not only listen to what they say but how they say it and react accordingly. Customers can provide you with a valuable perspective that can truly help every part of your company— so listen with intent. Criticism and not listening with an open-mind could prove to be disastrous. Listen first, then respond.


Empathy is a huge key to communicating with your customer. Having empathy shows your customers that you are on their side. Empathy destroys the wall between simply the business and the clients and creates a stronger more personal bond. If you are able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and see things from their perspective, it may take your business further than you could imagine. Empathy creates an understanding, but it is not just a one-way street. By understanding your customers, your customers may start to understand you, thus creating loyalty that can last and do wonders for your business.


In your managed services marketing, if you provide good communication with your customers, then they can provide you with valuable feedback. They can inform you of certain strengths and weaknesses that you are not able to recognize. Creating ways for customers to give feedback shows that you care about their opinion and you want to improve. This makes customers more loyal to your business and makes them stay to see upcoming improvements. This should be an ongoing effort with everyone from the senior management to your regular employees. Surely, this can improve the company’s reputation. This can potentially bring in new clients and create a snowball effect for success.


Solid communication with your customers can ignite innovation and improve your company. Listening with an open-mind can provide you different insights never before thought of. Businesspersons are not the only ones who understand the market, customers do too with the perspective that you want. Customers can give you information before you can see it and put you ahead of the competitors. These new ideas can spark new processes and strategies that may make you stand out and take your business to the next level.

Communication is the foundation of a lasting relationship with your customers. Building constant rapport and having an open-mind can prove to be massively beneficial for your company. By listening well to what customers say, you can be confident that they can be outspoken about the processes of the company. In your managed services marketing, show empathy to customers; it shows that you truly care for them, thus creating loyalty and a stronger bond. Customers can provide you with insights that can spark innovation and build on your business’ success.

Todd Nielson

As Chief Strategy Officer I am responsible for the creation, communication, planning, execution, and success of strategic initiatives. I lead continual process improvement initiatives to increase profitability, manage and audit internal and external threats/controls for the long-term viability, sustainability, and protection of the organization. I am passionate about these duties since focusing on them will ultimately help us provider better IT Services in Tulsa, and the other markets we serve like , Springfield MO and Fayetteville AR. I analyze metrics to identify trends and produce financial, personnel, service, sales and other forecasts and improvement plans. I additionally identify strategic growth opportunities through industry, economic, geographic, and vendor analysis; and assist in the management and execution of internal projects and goals. The end result of getting everything right translates into transforming JMARK in to the Premier IT support provider in Tulsa, and the other markets we serve like Springfield MO and Fayetteville AR! I also lead JMARK into becoming early adopter of the true flat rate managed services model in Tulsa and the other markets we serve like Springfiled MO and Fayeetteville AR. This has allowed JMARK to become more proactive at eliminating most networking issues before they create problems for our clients.