Getting the Right Personalities Onboard with Your MSP Company

MSP companyYour MSP company needs to attract the right kind of personalities for the right kind of jobs, and there are things you can do to get strategically useful people in effective positions. Attitude has a lot to do with the effectiveness an employee will have in any situation. Employees who are less than geniuses can still do better than “divas” who refuse to work unless conditions are “just so.” The best technique for hiring the right people for your company is often going to revolve around sourcing personality types who are appropriate to the positions for which you are hiring. Following are several tips to help you get the right people in the right positions. Personality traits to look for include:

  • Maverick risk-takers
  • Those that have a positive outlook that sees the best in people
  • An optimistic perspective

Maverick Risk-Takers

Now, some positions are more likely to be recommendable about “Maverick” personalities than others are; but even in non-sales positions such as coding, maverick personality types can be eminently useful to your MSP company. A Maverick will think for him or herself. They are going to look at solutions and have an inhering passion, which silhouettes their daily egress. As such, they are going to find ways to fix problems that no one else will, and they are going to find ways to do things that may not have been even within the realm of conventional consideration. In a phrase, they “think critically.” Conformists and collectivists have continuously lost critical thinking capacity as they have gone about daily life. Mavericks increase their critical thinking skills with every interaction they have. You want critical thinkers throughout your company because they are naturally going to find solutions. Those who think collectively are more apt to find a reason something cannot be done, than to “pull a rabbit out of a hat” and fix a problem in an unexpected way. A Maverick will get the job done despite the odds because such an undertaking provides this individual some level of personal satisfaction. They have a better attitude, as it were, and that is something no amount of training can induce.

Those with a Positive Outlook Recognizing the Best in People

You have to see the best in people to find others who do the same. Let us be honest: when you get right down to it, people are some messed up nasty creatures. Nevertheless, everybody has his or her good qualities. When you source employees who can see the positives in coworkers and potential clients, you will have team members better suited to the task. They will draw a sale out of a difficult client, and draw a skill out of a peer who did not realize they had certain abilities. However, remember it takes one to know one. If you want to find those who see the best in others, you must yourself be able to see the best in your prospective employees. 


Sure, the glass is half-empty, but it is also half full. You need to find employees who can see the good not just in people, but also in situations. They have to look at something that is essentially a setback as an opportunity. It turns out that is a proverb that has been restated in many ways. If you are not an optimist, you will not see an opportunity in a crisis. If you are, this perspective will naturally outline regular activities. You need people on your team who can see the good in the bad, and follow it rather than being defeated.

The Right Employees

An MSP company filled with employees who see opportunity in crisis look for the best in people, and operating from a Maverick perspective of forwarding daily momentum, is a company that is likely to be more successful than peers. Client issues will be seen as opportunities to learn new resolution solutions and employ new best practices to avoid such critical issues in the future. Problem clients and employees will be dealt with in a way that emphasizes positive character traits, and critical thinking will abound. These things can be fundamental to success.

Bill Hogan

Bill Hogan is President of Partners Plus. A fast growing IT Support firm based in the Philadelphia area. Bill has been helping make life with business computers easier since 1981. His education as an Electrical Engineer at Penn State started a dual approach toward gaining expertise in both programming and computer networks. In 1991 he formed Partners Plus, Inc., to provide managed IT services to companies in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, based on being a business operations ally and understanding the need to speak to company leaders in plain English rather than ‘techno-babble’. And while others tend to focus their attention on the mechanical components of a computer system, Bill and his staff take a more global approach - how a network can be best used as an integral, reliable asset to the business owner’s goals. In 2007, after years of frustration with the sub-standard services he saw during network audits, Bill published “Hassle Free Computer Support” to educate business owners with the information they need to get superior technical support for their businesses A firm believer in keeping current with advances in technology and processes, Bill lead Partners Plus to become a Microsoft Certified Partner in 1998 and a Gold Certified Partner in 2008. And, Partners Plus Inc. has been selected by Microsoft as being in the top 1% of Partners serving the Small and Medium Business Market on the East Coast. Bill is internationally certified in Network Operations and is certified by Microsoft in project management and multiple Microsoft technologies. He also held the position of representative for the Mid-Atlantic region on Microsoft’s Advisory Board which manages all Microsoft Small Business certified partners. Partners Plus provides managed it services to clients in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley and helps them choose, implement, and manage IT and cloud solutions that are cost effective and reliable. Partners Plus’ pro-active approach to IT support is ideally suited for companies in Wilmington, Delaware or Philadelphia who depend on reliable IT infrastructure, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to keep your IT services in Delaware that way. Partners Plus clients have come to appreciate the Partners Plus team focus on operations and the ability to get the core of problems quickly, and the knowledge of how to resolve issues as quickly as possible. With the institution of the Partners Plus Protection Program, the company can now monitor, identify and resolve many network issues in minutes without coming onsite.