A Considerable MSP Marketing Reality: SEO is in Constant Flux

MSP marketingMSP marketing is in constant flux. This is because MSPs provide top-tier, cutting-edge technology. And the means by which that technology is marketed is, itself, in continual flux. The ways search engines could be exploited in 2009 are no longer available in 2018. In 2027, what can be done today will no longer be applicable. The reason is that those running search engines are constantly reinventing associated algorithms. They have to do this, because users learn how to exploit them. This will not change in the foreseeable future. It will merely continue to augment.

So, what should your response be as an MSP? You’ve got to get the word out, you’ve got to reach people, and you’ve got to remain cutting edge. Well, commonly, MSPs take one of three pathways in this regard— a fourth would be some hybrid of these three:

  • Going it cautiously alone
  • Hiring a professional agency
  • Figuring out how it works and blazing your own trail

Going It Cautiously Alone

MSP marketing efforts are often handled cautiously by those who work for the MSP. The focus tends to be more on gradual expansion through word-of-mouth and the acquisition of reliable, steady clientele. Scalability comes slowly but is secure. The problem with this is that technology advances often predicate an expensive upward shift toward the utilization and provision of new services for client demand. If you’re not moving outward fast enough, you may not have the capital to start a new suite of services when the need arises. This is why many MSPs follow the ideas in the next segment.

Hiring A Professional Agency

When marketing for your MSP is handled through an agency who has, as their core prerogative, the provision and reinvention of varying services associated to Search Engine Optimization, you’re likely to see results within six months to a year. Positive, ROI-rich results which pay for the cost of the services, and so predicate their continued use. This option is the most cost-effective way to more expediently expand your brand and attain more clients, allowing for industry-matching flexibility in service provision.

Blazing A Trail

The final category of SEO users perhaps requires the longest explanation. Here’s the thing: as an MSP, you have the tools and the know-how to pursue SEO options all on your own. You know what algorithms are, and you know how they’re designed. You also know how they’re put into action, and when they’re changed. So, you can, conceivably, understand SEO, and do a pretty good job of utilizing it for your business.

But unless SEO is the core prerogative of your MSP, you’re not going to be able to keep up with it even for just a few years. It’s going to change on you, and you need people devoted to staying ahead of that change in order to be competitive. That is to say: in order to provide your MSP the results which would normally come from a professional provider. So even if you’re able to get the results you seek, the only way to do it will be to devote personnel specifically to that task.

When you add in the cost of their upkeep, it turns out that you’re likely anywhere from $20k to $100k in the hole. Good luck finding any reputable, effective marketing employee for less than $20k. The ones you need will be around $100k a year, and the rest will fall somewhere in the middle between those broad extremes. As an MSP, until you reach a certain level of effectiveness where you could conceivably launch your own marketing agency, it just makes more sense to work with professionals. 

Achieving The Impact You Need

MSP marketing through professional providers will come with dedicated research and the application of burgeoning tools in digital marketing. As was mentioned earlier, the technology world is in continuous flux. Unless you have the resources to tackle every aspect of the market comprehensively, and simultaneously, you’re going to need to outsource certain specializations in a strategic way. Help desks are an example, vendor support is an example; arguably, so is sourcing the right marketing solution.

Jason Simons

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