Managed Services Marketing Tips: 4 Vertical Markets Worth Focusing on

managed services marketingYour managed services marketing might fight an uphill battle against many factors beyond the realm of prediction. But certain trends can be exploited for profitability, provided a strategic forward directive is put into play. With this in mind, the following are four vertical markets worth focusing on. You’ll likely find high levels of demographic crossover and correlation. These vertical markets include:

  1. Banking and the financial services industry
  2. The manufacturing industry
  3. Applications of technology in reference to legal industries
  4. Burgeoning educational trends

Banking and the Financial Services Industry

Your managed services marketing has many different ways it can rope in clients from this industry. Firstly, consider that if you manage to cater to this industry, you have the propensity to provide nationwide services in an increasingly expansive way. Banks are local at the state level, at the federal level, and at the global level. There are several Swiss banks that cater to international clients. So, if you can secure this demographic, it will be very beneficial for your MSP.

Next, consider that regulations, cybercriminal activity, and human error abound in banking. Cybercriminals try to steal cash and government regulations try to maintain their tenuous control (which is often illusory). MSPs that can help banks large and small navigate this minefield of technological implications can make themselves very valuable. Identify a need for banking security–like fighting cybercriminal intrusion and its consequences, then demonstrate how your MSP can reduce the risk of such an occurrence. 

Additionally, as assets become increasingly digitized, it becomes incumbent on tech companies working with banks to help them design disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. All banks must have them. If you can provide this core need, you can get a piece of the pie from this vertical market. 

The Manufacturing Industry

Smart manufacturing incorporates the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, edge computing (basically a cloud network floated from IoT devices), and more to expedite as well as optimize a production plant. Tiny changes can provide massive savings, so if you can demonstrate that your technology will do as much in a marketing campaign, it’s likely just a handful of clients could cohesively support your MSP for years to come. Talk about ways in which automation can be accomplished for labor expense reduction. Discuss remaining competitive. Also, discuss increasing demands that have grown to characterize the market and its forward growth. 

Legal Industries

In terms of disaster recovery, business continuity, cybercriminal security solutions, and overall optimization, the legal industry can stand to see some technological updates. Many firms are beginning to realize this. Technology that can reduce a complicated case, such as full of files to a few easily shared digital documents, can save legal firms thousands of dollars in time and effort. Sell them on technological solutions, security, and collateral savings from freed up employees who can focus on core firm needs rather than playing catch up with file management.

Educational Trends

While it can take time to secure a government contract from some educational agencies, there are plenty of opportunities. Technology that is required for smartboards is increasingly prevalent in the classroom. Tablets, laptops, and desktops play a part in most educational operations today even at the elementary school level. As technology expands, its impact will predicate increasingly in-depth educational solutions for young people. It makes sense to get involved in this market as securely as you can.

Establishing Marketing Footholds among Vertical Industries

A marketing strategy that is informed by a cogent understanding of the best direction to aim marketing efforts is naturally going to be more effective. When you consider educational trends, legal industries, manufacturing, and financial operations, it’s apparent that you can profit in a lot of ways if you just focus on the right clients.

Carefully look at your current marketing paradigms and consider which verticals your managed services marketing campaign should focus. It’s likely you’ll find options that can truly serve you while expanding your client base, facilitating a lucrative upward spiral that can lead to further advancement going forward.

Yoon Choi

An 12 year veteran of the IT Support in LA industry with a broad background consisting of start-up, SMB and Enterprise level engagements, Yoon’s experience spans a gamut of industries including legal, financial, manufacturing, media, medical and professional services in both hands-on engineering and executive roles. Yoon brings a well-seasoned viewpoint and expertise in key operational areas such as service delivery, process improvement and workflow management as well as key technical competencies in the areas of cloud based PaaS/SaaS/IaaS, VDI and virtualization, telecommunications and traditional managed services. Currently Cisco certified, Yoon is a graduate of UCLA. When the partners started Advanced Networks in 2004, the vision was simple: Be the most trusted and respected IT services providers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California with a reputation for reliability, innovation, and a commitment to customer service. That vision remains just as strong today as it did back then. We’ve made it a point to hire the brightest and most talented team members we could find who share this vision and Yoon Choi matches this description perfectly. Yoon shares the belief of the CEO that it’s that our IT support business in LA starts and ends with the happiness of our customers.