What to Do Prior to Launching an MSP Marketing Campaign

MSP marketingThose who do not work in MSP marketing sometimes assume creating a marketing campaign will automatically generate leads that can be converted with considerable success. Those who truly understand marketing know there are plenty of idiosyncrasies to consider from target demographics to customer personas, motivations for purchases, sales goals and so on. Here is a look at what must be clearly defined prior to launching a marketing campaign:

Define the Typical Customer

A thorough understanding of your target market is essential to sales success. You must understand exactly who is buying what you are selling as well as their reasons for buying. This information will help you perfect your advertising messages, sales strategies, and interactions with customers.

Dig deep to understand your customers in-depth. Establish one or several buyer personas that reflect the typical customers who value your services. Go beyond simple demographics like age and occupation. Find out the problems your customers have that your services rectify. Determine the trigger that spurs them to consider your services. Furthermore, you should have a full understanding of where customers obtained the information that initially led them in your direction.

Dissect the Buyer Journey

Most of those who have worked in the sales industry for years know of the sales cycle steps one proceeds through to convert a prospect. Nowadays, the focus is on the series of steps the prospective buyers go through, from recognizing a need or a pain point that needs to be addressed all the way to the purchase itself. This is precisely why advertising must communicate the value of services prior to the point of contact with a sales agent. The buyer is in control as he or she can find out more about the offering as desired.

Gain a thorough understanding of this buyer journey and you will know your customers that much better. You will find out what type of information they are looking for and the stage in the journey at which it should be presented. These alterations have the potential to ramp up sales and ultimately make a massive impact on the bottom line.

Select the Target Market

Your services will inevitably be more appealing to certain groups than others. At the start, it makes sense to key in on those who have a strong need or desire for your offering. As you gradually define your target market segment, you can alter the details of your marketing messages in the proper manner. Aiming to convert the target market is easier than trying to convert those with a mild interest or no interest at all as target prospects have a sincere interest in the offering.

Consider the Objectives

The underlying reason for the MSP marketing campaign should be clarified as the top priority. This objective will direct all efforts. Just make sure the objectives you set are within reach. Otherwise, repeated failures will have the potential to demoralize your team.

Understand the Value Proposition

Simply describing your offering will not suffice. Potential buyers must be told exactly what type of value it offers. Prospects must also understand why your offering is superior to other possible solutions. The message of the advertising campaign hinges on the nuances of the selected target market and buyer personas. It should be crystal clear that your offering provides everything the buyer finds important.

The next step is to communicate the aspects of your services that distinguish them from what the rest of the pack has to offer. Communicate your value proposition in a manner that engages the target audience, help them understand what makes your services different and you will reap the rewards through a steady spike in sales.

Commence Your Marketing Campaign with Patience and Grace

Don’t be a “fool rushing in” by kicking off a new marketing campaign just because sales are struggling, a colleague requests a formal campaign or because you are eager to maximize conversions. Take your time so you can develop a fully-formulated MSP marketing campaign that truly engages the target demographic. This is the steady and careful approach necessary to craft a successful marketing campaign that ultimately catalyzes sales and spikes revenue.


Vincent Tedesco

Vincent Tedesco is the President and the CEO of Total Technology Solutions, a full-service IT solutions provider distinguished by broad expertise in managed IT services in Long Island and a singular focus on the needs of their clients. Vincent has over 30 years of experience as an IT leader, from his early years beginning at Computerland and to founding and growing Total. He founded Total in 1988 and spearheaded its evolution in the ever-changing technology marketplace by providing consulting and IT support in Long Island. Total Technology’s mission is to secure and to have IT support in Suffolk with reliable solutions and exceptional service so that Total clients can focus on their core business.