Don’t Let IT Marketing Jitters Undermine Your Strategy!

IT marketingIT marketing is steadily becoming a more exact science, yet there are too many variables for it to be an entirely reliable commodity. You need it, but the results you seek could come more quickly or less quickly than you’ve anticipated. For example, if you’re working with an SEO company providing marketing solutions in each region, you may think they can produce the same results for a satellite division of your company located elsewhere. However, the competition in one region may differ vastly from the competition in another region, meaning the time-frame for top-ranked status isn’t concrete. You can’t use experience in past markets to gauge the necessary time of completion for sought-after services in markets that differ. You could find that the best marketing agency takes longer to produce top-ranking results in a given market or that they can do the job more quickly.

Err on the Side of Caution

Accordingly, your best bet in this regard is to err on the side of caution and allot longer times for new markets. After all, there is no wizard with a crystal ball behind the closed offices of your marketing provider. So, if you find that the IT marketing solution you’ve chosen has achieved results at the expected time but not the results as good as you had been hoping, don’t cash out just yet. If you switch horses in the middle of the journey, you could be doing so just before you would have reached your destination on the first steed. If you do that, then the new marketing group will be starting almost from ground zero. That will add more time to your venture.

To avoid doing this, you want to go into the SEO marketing game with an established time limit that exceeds your minimum expectations. Imagine if you encounter an opposing MSP during the middle of your marketing campaign. They could draw some of the traffic away from you— you can’t blame your MSP marketing agency for that! However, if you’ve set an extended cushion for yourself, there’s every possibility that you’ll be able to get back up to speed as it were and still hit your goals in a reasonable amount of time.

Don’t Quit the Game Too Early

Just because ranking isn’t going quite as expediently as you had hoped doesn’t mean the game is over. If you’re seeing any positive forward momentum at all, you may want to just lean back and wait to see what happens.

It’s also not a bad idea to employ multiple forward marketing techniques. SEO marketing based on content has a very strong track record, but there are also pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that can be effective. PPC usually is a bit inferior to SEO, but applying such a campaign in conjunction with your content strategy could be a key move. Social media marketing (SMM) is also worth a shot when it comes to this kind of thing.

What you want to do in any case is keep solid metrics pertaining to the ROI of your marketing strategy. Even if things aren’t going quite as quickly as you may have hoped, this can help you keep your finger on the pulse of marketing effectiveness. You want to see more return than your outgoing investment. Ideally, you’re seeing at least a twofold return. If you spent $2k on marketing, you should expect a minimum return of $4k over time. Provided you’re not losing money, a marketing investment is always worthwhile. Also, there will be times where you do lose a little bit, so keep that in mind. Still, when it comes to digital marketing techniques, if you are faithful enough to stay the course and not switch horses, you’re likely to see something positive. To recap:

• Know market idiosyncrasies
• Keep numbers
• Employ multiple content campaigns
• Don’t switch horses right away

Successful Online Marketing

Your IT marketing campaign becomes more effective as more data are collected, and more techniques are discovered. Sometimes, results aren’t entirely predictable, but, you’ll see what you need in a reasonable time if you’re patient.

Joshua Liberman

Joshua Liberman is the President and founder of Net Sciences Inc. (NSI). Joshua began working in the computer field in 1982, he founded Net Sciences in 1990 as PC services and incorporated the company in 1996. Starting as a Novell CNE and later becoming a Microsoft MCSE and CISSP, he has grown Net Sciences into a mid-sized IT support firm in Albuquerque, offering systems integration, MSP services and the most reliable IT solutions throughout New Mexico. Net Sciences has been providing an end-to-end network support to their clients, and a top-notch IT services for small businesses in Albuquerque. NSI is your virtual managed IT services provider in Albuquerque, assisting the planning, management and support you would get from your own IT staff at a fraction of the cost.