Why Patching is a Competitive Advantage of Your MSP Business

MSP businessMSPs have an opportunity to counsel clients about complex digital security matters. This is your chance to flex your muscles like a true tech expert. Though some clients might know the basics of viruses and ransomware, however, most don’t understand what they are really all about. Furthermore, most MSP clients are unaware of patching. Your MSP business must “grab the bull by the horns” and position patching as a legitimate competitive advantage.

The Power of Patching

If you are not currently positioning your MSP as an expert in patching, it’s the time to do so now. Patching is absolutely essential to combating ransomware and additional digital attacks. Your patching solutions really are a competitive difference-maker. However, most clients have absolutely no idea as to why patching is so important and how it works its magic. In fact, proper patching has the potential to eliminate nearly all malware attacks.

The Rise of Ransomware

If you have paid attention to the news, you know ransomware has wreaked havoc across the world in the past couple of years. Ransomware hijacks computers or networks and locks them until the target company pays the requested ransom. Once the ransom is paid in bitcoin, control over the computers and network is returned to the company. This is an unnerving attack that is on the rise. The FBI reports ransomware attacks jumped an incredible 6,000 percent in 2016 alone.

Ransomware ties up data, decreases productivity and ends up costing a ton of money. Nearly three-quarters of businesses attacked by ransomware pay the ransom to regain control of their system. Half of these victims paid over $10,000. Patching could have prevented these massive losses. Furthermore, patching could have prevented the time and effort invested in handling ransomware attacks.

Benefits of Patching

The ransomware nightmares outlined above could have been avoided with patching. MSPs must apply the most recent patches for clients or educate them how to do so. Merely implementing such patches to half a dozen software packages has the potential to stop 99 percent of digital infections attributable to malware.

Establish Your Organization as a Digital Security Authority

When it comes to patching and digital security, your MSP business is supposed to have all of the answers. Clients look to their MSPs to combat ransomware and other digital threats. This is your chance to prove your organization’s worth and convince clients your group is really worth its keep. So do not be afraid to show you are a legitimate authority on viruses, patching and beyond. Talk about these issues with your clients to position your group as an authority. Give each client at least one monthly update with regards to malware, ransomware, patching and other digital security concerns. You can use anything from a company newsletter to a company blog or emails to keep clients in the loop.

Continue to update clients regarding steps taken to combat digital threats. If your group has implemented any sort of advances in regard to attacks and defense, describe them to clients. This communication will solidify your company’s position as an authority on digital security and patching. 

The Value MSPs Bring to the Table

A current or potential client could be at risk for malware or another digital threat and have no idea of this exposure. This is where the MSP should step in and explain the sense of urgency. Show clients how they are lacking in protection, explain how such digital security shortcomings can lead to potentially devastating results and segue into how your group can help. Explain how your group will squash threats, increase automation and ultimately bolster efficiency. Key in on the state of the client’s patching. Use dashboards and vulnerability reports to show how patching has improved while your group has been in charge.

Patching as a Launching Pad

Patching is the perfect point of emphasis when attempting to convince current clients to stay or persuade prospective clients to lean on your MSP business for assistance. Explain what it is, how it helps your clients and why your group is essential to this important digital security safeguard. The end result will be a better understanding of your services, happier clients, and an improved bottom line.

Todd Nielson

As Chief Strategy Officer I am responsible for the creation, communication, planning, execution, and success of strategic initiatives. I lead continual process improvement initiatives to increase profitability, manage and audit internal and external threats/controls for the long-term viability, sustainability, and protection of the organization. I am passionate about these duties since focusing on them will ultimately help us provider better IT Services in Tulsa, and the other markets we serve like , Springfield MO and Fayetteville AR. I analyze metrics to identify trends and produce financial, personnel, service, sales and other forecasts and improvement plans. I additionally identify strategic growth opportunities through industry, economic, geographic, and vendor analysis; and assist in the management and execution of internal projects and goals. The end result of getting everything right translates into transforming JMARK in to the Premier IT support provider in Tulsa, and the other markets we serve like Springfield MO and Fayetteville AR! I also lead JMARK into becoming early adopter of the true flat rate managed services model in Tulsa and the other markets we serve like Springfiled MO and Fayeetteville AR. This has allowed JMARK to become more proactive at eliminating most networking issues before they create problems for our clients.