MSP Marketing Techniques: How to Create Buyer Personas

MSP marketingBuyer personas can have a considerable impact on your MSP marketing campaign. A buyer persona is simply¬†a detailed description of potential clients. These are fictional clients that share similar details to clients you interact with on a daily basis. You don’t want to create a customer experience that fails to meet their needs, your marketing effort is to create a customer experience that matches their persona that can increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and boost loyalty. Market research and customer interviews will create an accurate approach that makes it very easy to create a buyer persona for each type of client that you deal with on a regular basis. With the use of different market research models such as the Kano Model (see the kano template here), you could see the direct trajectory of how your fictional client would receive and interact to your marketing efforts.

Common Uses for Buyer Personas

One of the primary uses of a buyer persona is that it allows your company to analyze client’s attributes. Taking the extra time to do the necessary research will give you an idea of the best ways to communicate with clients and make it much easier to meet their individual needs. Another excellent use of buyer personas is that you can test new ideas and compare data against each other. Think of how would a customer response to this new approach. Continually building upon these plans will create a diverse set of buyer personas that will make it easy for your organization to be prepared for a wide variety of clients.

How to Use a Client Persona

There are a variety of ways that you can use buyer personas in your MSP marketing, but it is typically built through listening to clients and doing the necessary research. For example, you can conduct customer surveys that are designed to gain data through customer feedback or use market research to learn more about the habits of potential clients. Meeting with customers and conducting interviews is another effective way to ensure that your buyer persona is accurate. Besides interviewing clients, you can also perform interviews with your sales staff to gain a better understanding of which prospects are the easiest and most difficult to interact with on a frequent basis. Reviewing successful and unsuccessful sales will give you a new level of understanding and make it much easier to gather data regarding the attributes of these particular types of clients. Ultimately, gathering this research can make it much easier to predict who will likely buy your services and is an excellent tool to analyze market trends in the IT field.

The Basis of a Buyer Persona

Finally, there is a wide variety of options that you can use whenever you are creating a buyer persona. These options can range from details about their background, job, family, or income. Creating a set list of attributes will make it much easier to develop new buyer personas and will give you an excellent guide for future research. Identifying your goals will help you generate buyer profiles that can help you boost sales and remain competitive in the IT world.

Creating a buyer persona is an effective MSP marketing technique in today’s business environment. While clients come in all shapes and sizes, it’s important to define a set amount of attributes that can make it much easier to meet their needs and create a rewarding customer experience. The IT world is filled with many IT providers competing against each other, and it is critical to use these techniques to set you apart from your competition. Over time, creating a buyer persona will make it much easier to provide the ultimate customer service and will help you expand your consumer base.

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