Effective IT Marketing Strategies to Build Your Business

IT marketingYour IT marketing plan should be concentrated on keeping your current customers happy and trying to find new customers to add to your portfolio. But are you making the most of the opportunities in front of you? You need to create a sales funnel.

Anticipate What Clients Are Looking for  

This will be the first stage of your sales funnel. Your website needs to anticipate what a customer’s looking for online and be able to match their search requirements. You need to have excellent landing pages that have specific solutions for a search request.

This is potentially your first contact with someone, so it needs to be compelling with great content. You can’t expect to sell to a new contact immediately, so it’s much more advantageous to fill your pages with useful content, instilling in their minds that your company is an authority in the field where they’re experiencing problems.  

Offer an Incentive 

Once they have browsed the excellent content on your website, it’s time to entice a prospective client to connect with you rather than just read and leave. The best and most effective way to do this is to give them something in return for their email address or contact details. It could be a white paper, a problem-solving eBook, or a newsletter, but since this will be your first point of contact with them, it should give them value in some way.

This is another step in convincing them that you’re not just another money-grabbing firm but are actually concerned with their issues and are keen to help. Psychologically, this puts them in debt to you, as you have given them something for free without expecting much in return. This will lead them to be slightly more open to suggestions of buying from you in the future. canlı bahis

Suggest Solutions  

Once you have a point of contact for someone who’s shown an interest in the type of information and services you provide, this is where your sales and IT marketing departments can go to work. At this stage, it’s easy to overdo it, but all you need to do here is introduce them to some of the solutions that you have for the problems they’re facing. To enhance the customer’s feeling that you are trustworthy and balanced, it also helps to give alternatives for solutions that aren’t supplied by your company.

Obviously, the hope is that your systems are the ones they’ll choose when it comes time to buy and that will be up to a skilled sales team. But as a starting point, if you can suggest your solutions while being clear about the benefits and specific help they can give, it may be enough. You should be hoping to keep up a dialog with new prospects and gradually position yourself and your business as the logical solution to the challenges they’re facing.

There will be times when it becomes clear that a customer either doesn’t have the budget or has problems that your main product or service will not solve. In this case, it’s perfectly reasonable to sell a smaller option to them instead, as this will still help them while keeping your brand in their mind if they have a sufficient budget at some point in the future.

Drive Awareness and Keep Working at It  

Don’t forget that once you have managed to convince a client to buy your products or services, your IT marketing work doesn’t stop there. The happier you make your current clients, the longer they’ll stay with you, and it’s a great deal, less time-consuming keeping a client satisfied than it is to start from scratch and convert a cold lead into a paying customer. If you can follow this path and maximize the use of your sales funnel, your company will continue to grow.

Yoon Choi

An 12 year veteran of the IT Support in LA industry with a broad background consisting of start-up, SMB and Enterprise level engagements, Yoon’s experience spans a gamut of industries including legal, financial, manufacturing, media, medical and professional services in both hands-on engineering and executive roles. Yoon brings a well-seasoned viewpoint and expertise in key operational areas such as service delivery, process improvement and workflow management as well as key technical competencies in the areas of cloud based PaaS/SaaS/IaaS, VDI and virtualization, telecommunications and traditional managed services. Currently Cisco certified, Yoon is a graduate of UCLA. When the partners started Advanced Networks in 2004, the vision was simple: Be the most trusted and respected IT services providers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California with a reputation for reliability, innovation, and a commitment to customer service. That vision remains just as strong today as it did back then. We’ve made it a point to hire the brightest and most talented team members we could find who share this vision and Yoon Choi matches this description perfectly. Yoon shares the belief of the CEO that it’s that our IT support business in LA starts and ends with the happiness of our customers.