MSP Marketing Technique: How To Close A Difficult Sale

MSP marketingThe IT world is always changing and it is crucial to understand effective MSP marketing techniques that can help you close a difficult sale. As you know, each customer is unique and every sales scenario will require different strategies to close that particular transaction. While some potential clients may be more challenging than others, it is important to always remain calm and steady during the sales process. Here are a few tips on how to close a sale with a difficult customer:

Be Firm & In Control

A difficult sale can easily cause frustration, which makes the sales process even more difficult. Nevertheless, it is important to remain firm and to restrain yourself from making it personal. Staying committed to your sales points will give you the respect of your customer and will help you avoid offering discounts that are not beneficial for your company. Over time, you will see that it is much better to be firm and in control of the conversation instead of being lead by the customer.

Understand Client’s Objectives

Do you know the needs of your client? Understanding your client’s needs is a number one priority in any sales process, whether you are an IT salesman or a cars salesperson. Ask them about their specific long-term and short-term goals to gain a better understanding of the various ways that you can meet their needs with the product and services you offer. Aligning your solutions to their problems is a great way to transition difficult sales into a long-term customer.

Don’t Panic

A key MSP marketing technique is to never panic in the face of adversity. This saying can apply to a wide variety of scenarios; whether it is through dealing with an arrogant client or trying to recover IT services from a massive cyber attack. Not panicking during the sales process will enable you to have control of the conversation and to avoid being bullied by a pushy client. On the other hand, if they sense that you are nervous it is very easy to get pushed around into making a deal that is not beneficial for you or your company. Sticking to your sales script will enable you to remain steady and not make any bad deals for your business.

Let The Client Talk

Letting a client talk about their various challenges can be a great way to build trust and gain better insight into their motivations. This is an excellent approach to tapping into a client’s emotional side; which will enable you to create strong chemistry together. Sometimes listening is much more effective than talking to a client. Understanding the unique needs and desires of a particular client can be all you need in gaining a new customer.

Gain Commitment

The final stage in any sales process is to gain commitment from your new client. While some clients may be much more difficult than others, the use of these sales strategies can help you close the most difficult of sales. On the other hand, IT providers that fail to use these marketing techniques are much more likely to experience failure; which can significantly limit the growth of a company.

As you can see, practicing these MSP marketing techniques can enable you to close a difficult sale. Over time, you will learn how to respond to any possible sales scenario. As you know, tough clients are never fun but understanding how to respond to them can be the difference between successful or unsuccessful sales. Begin putting these sales practices today and experience the satisfaction of closing out difficult deals.


Jason Schmitt

Jason Schmitt, founder and CEO of Technology Resource Advisors, Inc., graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bradley University in 1995 with a degree in Business Management. His IT industry experience includes 20+ years in IT Consulting in Milwaukee a consultative role for Private and Public sector clients. Always in search of ways to improve the client's IT Support experience in Milwaukee, Jason is active in several industry managed IT services Milwaukee groups in and IT Services Milwaukee business peer groups. Jason is responsible for Vision, Strategy, and Market Development at Technology Resource Advisors, Inc.