Determining Client Interest In Your MSP Marketing

MSP marketingAre you traveling for Thanksgiving this year? Do you have friends and family in far-flung places who you plan to see for the holidays? You’ve got to travel and that can be expensive. You shopped for plane tickets early but don’t want to buy them just yet. “Maybe the price goes down? What if a better flight is available?” Even though you know what you must do, it might be difficult to do what makes sense in the moment. In MSP marketing, you have no doubt seen your customers in the same situation. Clients may not know when to go through with an important IT decision. This can make selling a challenge. Sales have never been an easy business; but, there are ways to gauge customer interest to improve your chances of success.

Problem History

Ask probing questions about a client’s IT history. Have they implemented long-term solutions for their problems? Did they find the quickest, easiest fix to patch the problem until it broke again? Companies, especially start-ups, try to save money by scraping by with skeletal IT support. That is why they frequently choose to put temporary bandages on recurring issues. Find out what steps they have taken to address their problems.

An equally important approach is to ask potential clients what the results of their patches were. If they seem satisfied with the level of repair they have for troublesome technology, you might find it difficult to convert them to a sale. On the other hand, if the problem has gotten worse, you are more likely to convince clients to consider a new approach.

Level of Commitment

So, you’ve used your MSP marketing skills to empower your potential client. The work is not over yet, though. Every company loves the idea of problem-solving, but very few love the implementation phase. Business owners often take for granted the amount of work that goes into revamping a company’s entire IT department. A willingness to use adequate resources in fixing problems is a good measure of how serious your client is.

Take a direct, conversational approach when figuring out the level of commitment. Doing so helps you quickly differentiate between a buyer who is serious and one who still needs time to decide.

It is important to remember that the direct approach is not always the time when you mention your products. By asking these questions, you merely identify a business’ needs. Describing the benefits of choosing your managed services over a competitor comes later.

Planning the Implementation

Even if you don’t yet have a solid commitment from a potential client, it is a good idea to understand what kind of resources they’re willing to allocate to an IT project. You can usually measure these resources in terms of hours per week spent on implementation.

Too many sales representatives fail to mention the investments necessary to undertake a large IT overhaul. They don’t want to drive clients away. What they often forget to keep in mind is that, if you scare off a potential client with details about what it takes to change their systems, the client probably had reservations about the entire process.

Help your future clients stayed informed. MSP marketing materials can educate them to make sure they know what to expect when taking on sizable IT changes. Your customers are just like you with your holiday travel plans. They want to know that they’re getting a deal. Businesses that are serious about evolving and fixing problems want to make the best investments. They trust you to provide the services they need from experts they can trust at affordable prices. Give yourself the tools to make that a reality. Learn to gauge your clients and you can give them something to be thankful for this holiday season.

Frans Trisnadi

Frans Trisnadi is the President and CEO of Intelecis, a thriving, business tech-focused, and proactive IT services firm in Los Angeles, CA. Frans is frequently invited to share his expertise on the crucial topic of IT services in Orange County to large group of professionals in the escrow, healthcare, insurance and financial services industries. He helps his clients and peers envisioning a bigger picture of themselves. Frans spends his day-to-day activities on helping businesses, mostly government contractors and or minority-owned business, secure their data and manage their technology with the help of IT support in Orange County so they can focus on growing their business. Intelecis has been around since 2010 and has amassed a large number of long-term clients who year after year put their trust in them.