Promoting Your Competitive Edge Through A Strategic MSP Marketing Campaign

MSP marketingSpooky Realities

MSP marketing has an uphill climb ahead of it as businesses seek sustainable and consistent ROI. You know what’s spookier than ghosts, goblins, werewolves, and witches on Halloween? Spending tens of thousands on a marketing campaign that, ultimately, doesn’t deliver. Doesn’t it just give you the shivers thinking about it? Don’t be caught out in the dark of ineffectively-designed marketing. Turn on the light of strategic marketing campaigns which properly emphasize what your business brings to the table.

Several strategies to help this happen to include:

  • Defining Your MSP’s Unique and Marketable Qualities
  • Using Your Clientele Strategically
  • Client Training Services
  • Emphasizing Your Advantages on the Competition
  • Knowing Where Your Industry is Going and Getting Ahead of it
  • Unique Marketable Qualities

MSP marketing should shy away from words like “best” or “better”. A prospective client sees a phrase like, “Our business provides the best local services”, and their mind disregards that information. They’re used to seeing companies tout their effectiveness and they expect them to. So, break that expectation. Instead of saying you’re the best in the area, find that specific provision your MSP gives which outperforms the competition. Perhaps you’ve got exceptionally fast recovery solutions, maybe you’ve got better fail-over support, maybe your business is an expert in edge computing. Whatever your specialty, use that to give your marketing more impact.

Use Clientele Strategically

Collect data from your clients. Conduct surveys/tabulate the most popular products or services you sell. See where customers are satisfied and where they are dissatisfied. Use this information to optimize services less than satisfactory and to aim your marketing guns. Through your clientele, you can see where you provide better services than the competition. This allows you to design marketing informed by data and is, likely, to be more effective.

Client Training Services

In areas of end-point usage and security, many of your clients won’t be able to function as well as they could with a little education. Your angle could be providing training for the employees of clients. You can show them how to create proper passwords, what kind of online activity is safe, how to avoid common practices that induce cybercrime vulnerability, and how to use new technological solutions.

Emphasize Advantages on the Competition

Once you’ve figured out where your strengths lay, show how your competition is inferior in these respects. You can use real data and information from your clients to help inform your marketing here, as well. Include, in your surveys, questions about how your services are better than previous MSPs they’ve used locally or nationally. Some clients have the kind of cookie-cutter IT that only provides remote services.

Know the Market and where it’s Headed

Edge computing, IoT technology, cloud computing; these things are currently characterizing modern IT provisions. By no means do these three innovations characterize the future of all tech. To understand where technology will go after this requires being up-to-date on current innovations. Likely, one of the most influential new innovations will be edge computing.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a cloud that floats on IoT devices rather than server arrays. There are more IoT devices than there are people on the planet. In an edge network, each device is used to process a small quantity of data. Edge networks can be maintained publicly and privately; depending on your business’s needs. Such computing is really cutting edge and could grow to define a new kind of global internet. This is one example of technology in development. It’s worth getting involved with now so you’re ahead of your competition. It is only one example of a technological development that may soon characterize IT provisions through your MSP. Find other areas and determine which would be the best for your business to branch into.

MSP marketing that employs strategy informed by actual data will likely see more success in marketing campaigns. You’ll impact the people you’re trying to impact directly and as a result, you’ll likely have more satisfied customers. Additionally, if you branch out into burgeoning tech that takes off, you’ll have an increased edge on your competition.

Jason Simons

Jason and his brother, Daniel Simons own and operate the 36 year-old managed services company in San Antonio, Houston and Austin. ICS is a second-generation company specializing in managed IT services company in San AntonioManaged IT Services, VoIP, Video and Cabling for businesses. Jason grew up in the technology sector working summers and weekends doing everything from cabling to installing phone systems and data networks. In 1997, Jason graduated from Texas A&M University with a Business Degree in Management. From there, he began working in at the IT Support Houston location for ICS as the Operations Manager, then the Sales Manager, the Branch Manager and in 2008 became a 50% owner and partner with Daniel Simons. Jason specializes in IT services that allow Houston businesses to operate more efficiently, effectively and in a secure manner. Jason is a business owner that understands how to leverage IT services to improve your San Antonio organization and is not just an IT consulting technician who is attempting to operate a business.. Jason and Daniel have a profound focus on customer service with the pride of a second-generation family owned business. With IT Support offices in San Antonio, Houston and Austin, the ICS team is positioned to provide the highest level of IT and VoIP services to your organization. Jason is passionate about implementing their core values to build one of the Leading IT companies in Houston and San Antonio !