Strategies for a Successful MSP Marketing Plan

MSP marketingThe major indicator of any MSP marketing plan’s success is the number of clients or new businesses you can convert. Winning new customers is an important aspect of any marketing plan. So, it’s a good idea to look at strategies that can be employed to make this achievable.

We all love to win more clients, but if your plan is not tailored to bring the desired results, your goal might just elude you each time you set them. What strategies are needed to optimize your chances of getting more prospects to key into your service? Below are some strategies to help you do just that:

First, Set Achievable and Measurable Goals

A simple but effective way of setting yourself up for success is to set goals. What do you intend to achieve with your plan? How do you wish to go about it? How long will it take you to reach a defined milestone? By setting goals and measuring your progress, you can assess the success or failure of your marketing plan.

How do You Source for Prospects?

In taking stock of the clients who have bought your solutions or otherwise, it’s important to understand the sources of each group of customers.

In MSP marketing, client referrals go a long way in bringing more prospects. To increase the success of your marketing plan, try to tap into the goodwill you have built with former clients— they are a sure way of getting more wins.

Understand the Needs of Your Market

Do you understand the need of prospects? Having in-depth knowledge about the challenges faced by your clients and how to solve them will help to increase the success rate of your marketing plan. It also portrays you as an expert in your field, leading prospects to trust you more.


Sometimes, the bulk of the work required to get new clients can be daunting, and you might need the assistance of other professionals to get things done. If doing all the heavy work will prevent you from implementing the necessary stuff, it’s better to outsource it. By doing this, you can leverage on other people’s strength to achieve your goals.

Increase your Market Penetration

Another strategy that can help increase your sales is by having different products on sale in the same market. It helps to broaden your market share and increase your customers. You can also get more exposure as an expert in your field.

Know Your Competitors

Even when it’s not written in their mission and vision statements, the goal of your competitors is to put you out of business. Get information about the products and marketing strategies of your competitors. Get into their heads, think like them and try to align your plans to take advantage of the loopholes in their strategy. If they are winning, reflect on what you are getting wrong.


The points above are some strategies which can help your MSP marketing plan to be successful. First, decide on the aims and objectives of the plan. Plan every move and measure your progress as you go. Next, you need to know the source of your markets, and this can be fully exploited to increase your rate of conversion. You also need to understand the dynamics of your market and tailor your solutions to meet its expectations. Outsourcing will give you added energy and time to focus on more important work, and an increased market footprint will also earn you more prospects. Finally, be familiar with your competitors, and never allow them to take you out of business. We hope that these few strategies will help you create winning marketing plans.

Mike Pearlstein

Mike Pearlstein is the founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer of this solid and growing managed IT Services firm located in downtown Toronto. He received his Masters in Computer Science and Undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in Ontario and is also a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), a MCITP (MS Certified IT Professional) Mike founded Fusion Computing Limited in 2008 an IT support firm located in Toronto. He and his IT services team in Toronto specialize in getting it right the first time for every single client. He is constantly striving to make Fusion Computing the best Managed IT Services firm in Toronto and is never satisfied with the status quo.