MSP Marketing Reps Should Work Like Crockett from Miami Vice?

MSP MarketingDon Johnson rocketed to fame playing the character Sonny Crockett in the 80’s on the television show Miami Vice. Audiences loved Crockett because he was so persistent following up on his suspects, he was All-in on his career as a detective and was willing to do whatever it takes to lock up a scumbag.
When it comes to managing MSP marketing sales reps it might be good to consider if they have Crockett’s three winning characteristics!


One of Sonny Crockett’s best qualities is persistent; but it’s the biggest area needing improvement for most MSP marketing teams. MSP sales people are extremely discriminatory about sizing up their prospect’s level of interest. You can usually find a salesperson talking about all the reasons why the last appointment is not interested. All this means is that they never plan to follow up an any of their leads unless a prospect signs an agreement in their first meeting, which almost never happen!


In addition, Crockett went All-in with his career as a vice detective by living alone building his entire life around his work. Of course, this cost him his marriage but this is one of the qualities that an MSP business should be looking for in their MSP marketing reps. You don’t want someone that just working for you until they find a better job but who’s committing to building your business and ready to stay for the long hall.

Do What Ever It Takes

Another of Crockett’s outstanding qualities was that he was willing to do whatever it took to bring down a scumbag like a drug lord, money launderer or rapist etc. Crockett was prepared to go undercover and change his life style for months if not years. He would pull all-nighters on a stakeout watching a suspect. On the other hand, the average MSP marketing salesman comes aboard with a list of tasks they are unwilling to perform. Top among this undesirable marketing jobs is cold calling prospects.


The next time you are about to hire an MSP marketing sales rep for you MSP business, stop and ask yourself if the candidate exhibits any of Crockett’s star qualities like, being persistent, willingness to go all-in or do whatever it takes? If they fit the mold then you will have a lifer on your hands that’s committed to the cause and willing to make things happen Miami Vice style!

David Walter

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