Simple Guidelines on Converting Your MSP Business Clients to Managed Services

MSP businessIf you are planning on advancing your MSP business, you should consider converting your break-fix clients into managed services customers. In the recent past, numerous companies have discovered the convenience of using managed services over alternatives. These benefits that they have reaped include better management of expenses, improved network security, and higher productivity. However, some old-fashioned commercial operations have remained stubborn.

The business owners and managers do not understand the importance of proactive management and maintenance of their network. These individuals believe that the IT infrastructure should only be fixed when broken: no more, no less. In general, it might seem beneficial to keep break-fix clients for your IT support company. However, there are some distinct disadvantages that you should consider in relation to the matter of fixing networks after a failure.

Break-fix clients will associate your company with large invoices and unexpected charges. While you may be justified in your charging, your IT business will gain a negative reputation. Remember, you can only earn when the client is suffering. Also, you should note that the inconsistent earnings from these clients discourage proper planning and affect cash flow efficiency. In addition, if numerous clients are in trouble, you will have difficulties managing the workload.

If you would like to convert your break-fix customers into managed service clients, here are simple but effective guidelines to help you accomplish the task:

Scrutinize Your Service Offerings

You should assess and define your managed service offerings before attempting to convert the clients. A proper analysis will allow you to learn the best technique to use when selling your IT support to the customer. You should first examine your business model and the managed services that you plan to present to the clients. Consider whether these can meet the needs of your break-fix customers. Additionally, it is prudent to think about the issues which might hold them back before the transition.

Most businesses, especially small and growing ones, are skeptic about managed services because of the potential high cost. Therefore, they choose break-fix solutions which are essentially inexpensive patches. Therefore, if you want to attract these enterprises and convert them, you must ensure that your MSP business provides solutions are within their scope. You should think about restructuring your offerings and provide at least two MSP packages.

For example, you can have a limited inexpensive package to accommodate commercial clients with small IT budgets. You can also a premium package for well-off clients who want comprehensive IT support. Ensure that all your managed services offerings have a sustainable and profitable price.

Create an Ideal Sales Process Plan

Customers will not start converting immediately after you create an appropriate managed services package. You must be prepared to launch a sales campaign to convince them that your affordable solution is more suitable for their business than the break-fix model. For this step, you should first establish a plan for interacting with the client. In most cases, you will require multiple touches with your clients before you can make a successful sale.

The specific forms and number of touches will depend on your established sales process. For instance, the technique can consist of the initial interaction, the first appointment, presentation and the follow-up appointment. By defining this aspect, you can ensure consistency of the conversion procedure and ensure ideal coordination for your marketing team.

Commence the Conversion Process

You can begin the actual conversion of the break-fix clients after defining the service offering and creating your sales process. In general, it is advisable to categorize the clients in order of importance for this stage. You can start with the less important clients so that you will remove any unexpected kinks in your conversion procedure. Next, prepare your marketing material for the campaign. Focus on educating the clients on the benefits of managed service. You can use multiple media or platforms to touch your clients as long as the message remains consistent.

Finally, you should remember to create a powerful presentation or demonstration that displays how your MSP business can increase productivity, reduce security risks, and stabilize the company expenses through managed services.

Mike Pearlstein

Mike Pearlstein is the founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer of this solid and growing managed IT Services firm located in downtown Toronto. He received his Masters in Computer Science and Undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in Ontario and is also a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), a MCITP (MS Certified IT Professional) Mike founded Fusion Computing Limited in 2008 an IT support firm located in Toronto. He and his IT services team in Toronto specialize in getting it right the first time for every single client. He is constantly striving to make Fusion Computing the best Managed IT Services firm in Toronto and is never satisfied with the status quo.