Reasons Why SECaaS is a Prime MSP Marketing Selling Point For Your Tech Company

Learning to Sell Security as a Service

MSP marketingMSP marketing that manages to design outreach strategies which successfully sell Security as a Service (SECaaS) will make a great deal of sales. It won’t quite be like “shooting fish in a barrel,” as the saying goes, but it may be akin to reaching in your hand and grabbing one out whenever you need. Seriously, costs from cybercrime globally are estimated to top $2 trillion by 2019. Currently, cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar industry that is undermining small, medium, and large businesses regularly. Oftentimes, it can’t even be prosecuted. Remember when North Korea ostensibly hacked Sony? How do you prosecute that? That country is technically at war with the United States. Sony Corporation just had to absorb the loss. The same is true with hackers from India, China, and other countries known for being havens of black-hat IT organizations that specialize in designing cybercrime facilitating software.

Cybercriminals: They’ve Got Motivation

Think about this for a minute. If a ransomware worm is only successful one out of a hundred times it is let into a given network through lax security, ignorance, or the cleverness of the hacker, and that worm makes said hacker $50k, it’s definitely worth it. If such revenue can be sustained by a ransomware program weekly, hackers are looking at $200,000 a month, or $2.5 million annually. That’s pretty hefty change and it doesn’t take incredible acumen to secure, especially when there are groups designing ransomware and other malware solutions specifically for cybercriminals. You can buy them on the dark web. Imagine you can purchase a malware program that has a 1% success rate on the dark web for $10k. Now, imagine you’re from Mumbai and live in a shipping container. That $10k was the family fortune. But after three months, you’ve turned it into $600k and begun your own tech company; totally off the books, totally illegal, and totally successful. That’s the story and that’s one of many reasons the SECaaS market is set to explode in the next several years.

Cloud Considerations

MSP marketing needs to include cloud computing, because things like IaaS, SaaS, and SECaaS are increasing in their demand. Cloud computing is required for all these innovations and it is fast becoming a staple of professional businesses in today’s market. The Internet of Things (IoT) is in operation all day, all night, and all year. There are more exploitable vulnerabilities than ever, and so, it is natural that as the cloud expands, so will the tech security market silhouetting it.

As a matter of fact, it turns out that SECaaS as a market is expected to more than double in the days ahead. Last year it was worth about $3.12 billion, it’s soon expected to be more than $8.5 billion in value. Your MSP needs to get in on that market, because it’s going to be a steadily sustainable one.

This is especially true when you consider that better security solutions are often derived from outsourced IT companies. An outsourced group can monitor operations cohesively, continuously, and proactively. This is in addition to providing software patches as they become necessary, antivirus and anti-malware software, and the most advanced firewall solutions available.

Multiplicative Advantages

Your clients will save money on internal solutions by not having the need for dedicated, full-time on-site staff. And your clients will also have access to more and better security solutions because you as an MSP have them available, whereas budgetary concerns may restrict such solutions from a business’s internal reach.

To sum it all up, reasons SECaaS is integral to your MSP’s marketing outreach strategy include:

  • The proliferation of cloud computing and IoT solutions
  • A swiftly expanding market
  • Better security for clients

MSP marketing efforts which can cohesively protect clients from external threats will very likely see profit. One final bit of consideration: your MSP should educate client employees in properly secure practices. It turns out many security risks come from inside a company, and if you can nip this in the bud, you will look more competent than MSPs that don’t. If you haven’t considered the SECaaS provision yet, now’s the time to do so.

Jason Simons

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