MSP Business Automation is Fundamental to Profitable Optimization

Why Automate?

MSP businessAn MSP business deals in technology which has primarily been designed to reduce the struggle which fundamentally characterizes any business. You’ve got to keep records, stay in conjunction with the law, gather metrics regarding effective sales’ practices, cover your organization in such a way that it has codified protocols silhouetting operations— the list goes on. There are so many things which take hours— and days— without the aid of a computer. With one, what once required an entire department can be handled by a simple cloud-based application.

This is because infrastructural processes that likely require automation have been consolidated by a computer which acts as a filter on a bottleneck and produces clean, qualitative product. Your operations should additionally optimize where possible; especially considering an MSP is dealing in tech that is transitioning. In short order, the solutions of yesterday will be the anachronisms of tomorrow. Optimization saves you time so you can keep on the cutting edge, and not fall off the back end of the technology saber. Five ways to cost-effectively automate your MSP business include:

  • Determine that which can be automated
  • Look into automation as a means of proactive service facilitation
  • Manage solutions that are cloud-based and exceptional
  • Scripts and APIs can automate tasks which are routine
  • Ensure communications after the sale are automated

Determining That Which Can Be Automated

Some things won’t benefit from automation. Client relations require real human beings. There’s nothing more irritating than becoming engulfed in some customer service loop with an outsourced call center. Granted, it’s possible to automate the means by which a person is directed to the proper center, but the more humanity you can attain here, the better. So go over your MSP with a fine-toothed comb and figure out what can be automated— seeking professional assistance can help you automate things you might not think of yourself.

Proactive Service Facilitation

In a later point, post-sale communications will be discussed. Here, they serve as an example of what proactive service automation looks like. When you’ve got something like post-sale communication automated, you’ll regularly keep yourself in the back of your client’s mind. Do a study on effective means of marketing and find areas where you can send out information in an automated way. Increased automation can facilitate nigh-continuous proactive service, which is good for everyone. You save money by catching problems before they start, and the client saves money through avoiding a break/fix model.

Exceptional Cloud-Based Systems

Cloud computing can automate payroll, it can outsource your office and curtail the cost of an in-house data center, and many other things. Look into cloud services your MSP can provide cost-effectively and with value. From IoT to Big Data applications, cloud computing makes many outstanding tech solutions possible. When you’re incorporating dynamic cloud computing solutions, you’re making it possible for increased automated processes.

Automation of Routine Tasks

Scripts and APIs (Application Performance Interface) are ideally suited to automating otherwise routine tasks. So use them for this when you have the opportunity. An API gives you the ability to get down to the nitty-gritty for automation purposes. Here’s a great example: new customers will require software that puts them on the same page as other clients your company serves. With an automated API pertaining to this software, you can make getting such programs to new clients part of the onboarding process. This saves you and your staff many hours over time.

Post-Sale Communications

If it is not already part of your process, you should definitely consider contacting clients after a sale is made to ensure everything is up to their specifications, and that they are satisfied with the service you provide. Once you have your ideal post-sale communication message designed, automate it into regular practice.

Automation Facilitates Upward-Spiral “Win-Wins” For Everybody

Searching for scenarios where benefits you provide for the client translate additionally to benefits you can enjoy as an MSP is definitely a desirable strategy. Technology continuously transcends previous boundaries, making new discoveries regular. If you’ve automated systems, you can make linear that which is abstract, parsing data where previously it wasn’t visible. This can help your MSP business and the clients it serves make substantial headway.

Todd Nielson

As Chief Strategy Officer I am responsible for the creation, communication, planning, execution, and success of strategic initiatives. I lead continual process improvement initiatives to increase profitability, manage and audit internal and external threats/controls for the long-term viability, sustainability, and protection of the organization. I am passionate about these duties since focusing on them will ultimately help us provider better IT Services in Tulsa, and the other markets we serve like , Springfield MO and Fayetteville AR. I analyze metrics to identify trends and produce financial, personnel, service, sales and other forecasts and improvement plans. I additionally identify strategic growth opportunities through industry, economic, geographic, and vendor analysis; and assist in the management and execution of internal projects and goals. The end result of getting everything right translates into transforming JMARK in to the Premier IT support provider in Tulsa, and the other markets we serve like Springfield MO and Fayetteville AR! I also lead JMARK into becoming early adopter of the true flat rate managed services model in Tulsa and the other markets we serve like Springfiled MO and Fayeetteville AR. This has allowed JMARK to become more proactive at eliminating most networking issues before they create problems for our clients.