Have you looked at MSP Business Core Values like the Founding Fathers?

MSP businessRecently I had a chance to visit Philadelphia for the release of my upcoming book and had the opportunity to tour Independence Hall. It was inspiring to see the original location where the founding fathers signed the constitution. It just so happened that I was reading a book about implementing core values at the time. As the park ranger spoke about the events that lead to the signing of the Constitution, it dawned on me that this famous document was nothing more than the core values of the country; but how could this impact the operation of an MSP Business?

These core values didn’t just live on the page but instead resonated throughout the country and transformed the United States into one of the greatest countries in the world, with more freedom and economic opportunities than anywhere in the world. How could a bunch of words written, so long ago still have such a huge impact on the American people? Could an MSP Business learn a valuable lesson on how to implement their core values to have an impact like the constitution from the answer to that question?


One of the reason that the Constitution is taken so seriously and adhered to is because many officials in the Government must swear to uphold the words of this important document. Normally, this swearing process is an official event that’s witnessed by large crowds, like the swearing in of the President of the United States. This role play ritual helps reinforce the message of these ‘core values’ on the minds of those that will uphold them and all those that must live by them.

The lesson for an MSP Business is that if they want the managers and staff to take your core values seriously, than it might be a good idea to create a similar event where executives must publicly swear to uphold the core values of the IT company. This would impress these values in the hearts of managers and help remind the staff how serious your company is about living by their core values.


A huge part of the legal profession is dedicated to protecting the rights the Constitution grands to the people of the Unites States citizens. Once a citizen is denied their right rights or it’s suspected that the government has violated the law then people turn to lawyers to help defend their rights.

Much in the same way, IT providers that truly want their core values to taken seriously should task their HR department with the responsibility to ensuring that both management and employees are applying the core values as they carry out their job responsibilities. The HR department should be available for all employees to report violations of the Core Values in the operations of the MSP Business.


Another reason that the Constitution is such a well-respected document and adhered to by most of the population is because the basic elements of the Constitution are taught to all citizens in school. This ensues that everyone knows and understands their rights and the limitations of the Government. The importance of the Constitution and its basic principles are reiterated to students throughout their academic life.

In the same way, an MSP Business that wants their core values to live in the hearts of their employees must insure that the tenants of the core values are taught to all employees. However, its not good enough to simply notify employees about the core values when they are hired. It should be the responsibility of all managers to review the core values with their staff on a regular basis.


In Conclusion, the MSP business executives should espouse and swear to these core values, HR should defend them, and all managers should teach and inculcate these in the minds of employees. When the founding fathers adopted their core values i.e. the constitution, it led to one of the greatest societies on earth. If adopting core values made America what it is, imagine what your company will be like if you live, teach and constantly remember your core values?

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