Can Your MSP Services Alert Clients to Danger like Lost in Space?

Lost in Space RopotOne of the most common IT threats facing businesses today is a ransom-ware attack. In many cases, the companies that tech providers approach in their sales efforts have already experienced a ransom-ware attack. Of course, ransom-ware not only encrypts servers but it also targets and locks up backups so it can completely cripple a business.

The sinister modus operandi of cyber criminal’s obviously works since even the FBI informs infected companies that it’s simply better to pay the ransom with bitcoin. Therefore, in this cyber-crime riddled environment it’s important to ask if your MSP services can alert clients to Ransom-ware Danger like the robot from Lost in Space?

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Backup Should Alert us to Danger

In the TV show lost in Space the Robot would protect Will Robinson and alert him to any danger like in the video clip above. Would it be awesome it a backup and disaster recovery solution could act that the robot from Lost in Space and alert IT clients to the Danger of a potential ransom-ware attack… If this were possible it would protect an end user’s ability to restore their data even if their servers were infected with ransom-ware. This would get them out of the evil clutches of the cyber criminals so they wouldn’t have to make the bitcoin payment! It would also save businesses that are threatened with a ransom-ware attack a lot of potential downtime.

How MSPs Could Benefit from Smart Backup

If there really was this smart backup system that would alert end users to the Danger of a potential ransom-ware attack then it would be marketing gold. This would allow IT companies to add a valuable feature to their MSP Services. If fact, having smart backup could be the holy grail deal closer that MSPs have been searching for. Imagine setting up the close by asking, “Do you think it would be valuable to have backups that could alert you to Danger and prevent ransom-ware attacks?” The you move in for the kill and ask them if their current provider give them this type of protection from ransom-ware? It would truly be amazing for sales and marketing to have smart backup; but does it exist?

Smart Backup Exist

Your search is over as Datto has invented this smart backup that acts just like the robot from Lost in Space since it alerts end users to the Danger of ransom-ware attacks. I am not sure that most IT companies realized the impact this MSP Service could have to their bottom line. If an MSP Business built their marketing message around having an arsenal of smart backups that can protect their customers from ransom-ware then they could own their market!

The Take Away

In conclusion, ransom-ware is the # 1 threat facing businesses today and for the most part end users are at the mercy of cyber criminals should they be targeted. Having a smart backup that alerts a business to the potential Danger of a ransom-ware attack could spare them. Just such a smart backup and disaster recovery solution that alerts end user to Danger like Lost in Space does exist! If you not a Datto partner then you should sign up fast so you can get your hands on this new smart backup service. Begin marketing this smart backup with your MSP Services and then can dominate your market!

David Walter

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