Are There Any MSP Business Lessons to Learn from Scarface?

MSP BusinessIn the massive hit movie Scarface Tony runs into an HR issue when he is visiting with their main drug distributor in Colombia. In the movie clip provided you can see Sosa informing Tony that his partner was identified as an informer for the police and is thrown out of a Helicopter. Sosa was concerned about how Tony’s allow a narc to penetrate their organization. The million-dollar question is, can an MSP Business learn anything from this dramatic scene in Scarface?

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The Problem

The cold hard truth is that many IT providers really are not screening their employees. I worked for one managed services provider in San Antonio that have a very lax screening policy and they ended up hiring a teach that stole their customers credit cards and order an insane number of stuffed animals. Imagine how bad this made the IT company look in the eyes of their customers. After all they are trusting this IT company with their internet security and then can properly screen the staff that are supposed to secure their networks.
Just like in the movie Scarface, if your hire rouge employees then this reflect poorly on your organization.

The Solution

One of the basic steps that an MSP business can take is to call a positive employees references. Then you want to work with a good employment agency that can properly screen your employees so that can conduct a thorough background check. Then they need to make sure to test these prospective IT workers and salespeople for drugs.
One good employment agency that exclusively works with MSP staffing issues is VAR Staffing. They can help you identify good quality tech candidates; but also ensure these are properly screened.


In you want to make sure that you don’t run into and issues with Employees that are concerned with the quality of your tech staff like in Scarface then you need to properly screen your employees. Make sure that you call prospective references’ references, do a proper background check and test for drug use.

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