Making a Sacrifice works in Chess and in the MSP Business Arena!

MSP BusinessThe other day I won four online chess matches in a row by sacrificing a key piece in each game. While I was gloating over my victories it dawned on me why making a sacrifice is so important with chess and in the MSP business world.
In both chess and business, you have essentially the same set of pieces and the same amount of time. The competition is all about how wisely each player utilizes their brain power and the time they have been allotted.

How can making a sacrifice apply in the business world and what type of sacrifice is needed for success?

Are Business Competitors Evenly Matched

It’s an absolute fact that each opponent in a chess match has the exact same amount of time to play and the same pieces. Some might question whether this principal applies in the business world since it’s more than likely that one company could have more man power and resources than another. However, I firmly believe that even an underdog in the MSP business world can win if they maximize the use of their brain power and time.

Ultimately what everyone shares equally in the business world is that we all wake up every day with the same number of hours in a day and the use of our God given mental capacity. So, if we circle back to the idea that both in chess and the MSP business community players have the same materials (time and pieces) then how can one player get the upper hand in a fight?

How a Chess Sacrifice Leads to Victory

The way making a sacrifice works in chess is by maneuvering your pieces so that you can offer a sacrifice to your opponent that gives them a short-term material advantage. The idea is to trick your competitor so that get distracted with thinking about the Free chess piece and forget to look at the long-term consequences. A sacrifice works best in chess when it gives you an immediate positional advantage that will allow you to decisively check mate your opponent within a few moves. Often, the more important the pieces are that you sacrifice the more powerful the deception, like making a Queen sacrifice.

What Sacrifice Should a Business Make?

The million-dollar question is what can a MSP Business sacrifice that would give them a positional advantage than delivers a decisive business victory? The key to gaining a positional advantage lies in how IT companies utilize their mental power and available time. This is where making a sacrifice factors in to the success equation. To speak very plainly I am talking about how business owners and executives use their mind and time!

IT companies can gain an advantage by sacrificing how they spend their leisure time. They should do the opposite of what most business people spend their ’free time’ on and what they think about. This can be accomplished by spending more time meditating about business, reading business boos and working when everybody else is sleeping, relaxing or vacationing.


IT executives should spend their sacrificed time applying lessons learned while reading and meditating. If they can master this concept then it will eventually grant an MSP business the positional advantage to dominate their business region of the world. The only question now is what should IT providers spend their time reading and meditating on?

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