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MSP business marketing is something which isn’t well known to many technical individuals. Their proficiency isn’t in the idiosyncrasies of outreach, but the idiosyncrasies of programming. This takes quite a bit of skill and dedication to master. Mathematically, intellectually, conceptually, and technologically, IT is a complex industry. It definitely requires passion. Too often, this passion characterizes a personality type that isn’t as comfortable as others when it comes to social interaction. This is disastrous for sales. And what happens as a result? Well, many talented, passionate, visionary business owners throw up their hands, supposing one must be born with sales skills. But technology has come to save the day again. It turns out modernity makes marketing more quantifiable, statistically visible, and successful than ever. The key to getting sales for your MSP is utilizing this tool. Consider these successful facets of top-tier marketing:

• Marketing and lead generation
• Discovering prospect backgrounds to individualize sales
• Making an informed proposal and presentation
• Focusing on communication rather than technical accuracy
• Negotiation – proposal verification reach-out

Marketing and Lead Generation

MSP business has a client life cycle longer than most. There is an inception point and that is where the idea of your business enters the mind of prospective clients. You’ve got to get that idea in their heads multiple times to push them down the sales funnel of success.

Marketing develops prospective clients into leads. You want to use online marketing of the content variety, as it can be statistically monitored for the greatest accuracy, and it is currently dominating the market.

Other marketing is important too, but in terms of ROI, SEO-based content marketing is very legitimate. Since the IT life cycle is longer than most, going the content route likely won’t feel as extensive as other companies perceive. Just remember that content does take time to establish roots. However, the roots you establish with the help of content may last longer, even though it might take a bit more time than usual. Lead generation could be easier with the help of technical writing services like those provided by Horizon Peak Consulting.

Prospect Background and Sales Individualization

Once your content tree yields a lead, you must do some research. Get to know the background of your prospective clients. What are their needs? What kind of IT services have they gone with in the past? What is their budget like, and where can you truly optimize their business to bring them value?

Proposals and Presentations

Once you have figured your prospective clients out, now it’s time to present how your business will save them money. You want to show where they’ve got redundancies— and explain them in terms the client can understand. You want to show monetarily how your MSP will substantively reduce expenses while providing expansion potential.

Communication over Technical Accuracy

Don’t spend ten minutes explaining a Hadoop Loop. Find a non-technical analogy. Talk security, not hard-drive capabilities and encryption. Granted, you can mention various technical things, but you can’t gloss over them. Explain them. You’re the industry professional, your prospective client isn’t.


Build in potential “discounts” you can give the client. They like to feel they’ve “won” something. Also, don’t neglect to reach out after an initial proposal and presentation meeting. Many sales come from continued attempts to close with a client over extended periods of time.

About our Contributor

IT Services San AntonioNathan Rizzo is Vice President of Rx Technology providing Technology Construction and IT Support with Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Nathan served as the Director of Business Development before spearheading the Managed Service Provider team in San Antonio which has turned Rx Technology into one of the premier IT Services firms in San Antonio that provides state-of-the-art cyber security in San Antonio and Texas.

Nathan received his M.B.A. in 2009 from the University of Dallas. Prior to joining Rx Technology, Nathan worked as a managed it services specialist in San Antonio delivering a wide range of offerings for litigation and internal investigations, in addition to government and regulatory requests. He has also been a partner in an interactive web marketing firm. In Addition he is a regular guest blog contributor to MSP Business Insights, MSP Tech Blog, MSP marketing and IT Marketing Pro.