Don’t Go to an MSP Marketing Gun Fight with a Sword!

MSP MarketingIn the movie Indiana Jones, the gun toting archaeologist is comforted by a master swordsman during an exciting fight scene. What makes the scene so funny is that the swordsman makes a big show of sword throwing skills to intimate Jones. However, Jones unimpressed casually draws his gun and dispatches Arabian the villain.

Are some MSPs making the same marketing mistake by showing up to a gun battle with nothing more than a sword to throw around?

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What is a Gun Marketing Plan?

It’s not uncommon for an unwary MSP to start up in a new market and suddenly find themselves squaring off against and more powerful marketing competitor. The result of these skirmishes is that the Goliath sized tech firm can easily dispatch what they see as villains encroaching on their turf with an overpowering marketing arsenal. Often the Mammoth tech firm will have an enormous sales team, an internet marketing manager, marketing alliances, networking presence, attends trade shows, gets written about in local news and in the MSP community, has written a book etc.…

How do you avoid a mismatched battle?

The best way to ensure that you don’t start fighting with an MSP marketing competitor that has a gun is to conduct proper research. You can glean a lot of information about an MSP business competitor by visiting their website where you can learn how many employees, if they have a marketing director, marketing alliances, blogs etc. You can also place a call into the company and listen to their phone tree to discover how many departments they have. You might be a good idea to drive by the business location of your competitors so you can visible see how large and posh their office might be.

Pick Your Marketing Battles

Once you have sized up the competition you can avoid going head to head with a Giant competitor and getting squashed. Instead, you should pick out the small vulnerable MSPs in your market and target your marketing against them. The strategy here is to go directly at these smaller MSPs in marketing dog fight and pick off their clients, so you can grow larger. If you have enough resources you should consider buying one or two of the small players. If you have a more frugal budget then you might consider merging with one of the smaller regional players.


Don’t forget to do the proper research on your competitors and then decide if you want to go head to head against the smaller competitors in an MSP marketing battle, buy them or merge! The strategy I am promoting is to simply expand the size of your IT company so you can have a larger marketing budget. This will allow you to prepare your MSP Business for the big showdown when it’s time to face off with the 300-pound IT Gorilla competitor. This way you can ensure that you don’t show up to a Gun fight with a Sword, like in the Indiana Jones YouTube clip!

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