Does Your MSP Marketing Team Need a Magic Feather?

MSP MarketingIn Disney’s classic movie Dumbo a reluctant elephant is urged to attempt flight by an entrepreneurial mouse. He is assisted by some shrewd black crows that hatch a ‘psychology’ maneuver that will give Dumbo the belief and motivation necessary to fly. A feather is pulled from the tale of a crow and became the ‘magic feather’ that helped Dumbo Fly!

In the MSP marketing game, it’s common to find salespeople still using ‘magic feathers’ as a crutch to give themselves the courage to close deals. What are some of these psychological training wheels and should MSP sales people continue to use them?

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Magic Closing Items

During the time when I was a marketing director at an IT company in Houston I had a salesman that showed up to work in what he called his ‘closing suit’.  He would relate a tale to anyone that would listen that he noticed a pattern that he always closed sales when he is wearing this suit.  Over the years this suit had transformed into a ‘magic feature’ for this MSP marketing salesman.  If I can remember correctly, the magic suit lost it’s magical powers to mesmerize business people and cause them sign contracts.  This should demonstrated that his special suit never had any magical powers to begin with!

Magic Closing Phrases

Believing that a suit holds special powers that can help MSP salesmen close, is a bit extreme.  However, what I find to be far more common on marketing teams is the belief that a certain phrase if uttered at the right time in the right tone can help close more sales.  These closing incantations have become the equivalent of a magic feather in the minds of many IT marketing professionals.

A good way to reverse engineer this false cause is to image giving a presentation where you intentionally did everything wrong leading up to your closing statement; but nailed the timing and tone of your closing phrase.  In this sales mock situation you would have omitted building rapport, asking question, making eye contact, using visual aids etc….  Do you still think this magic closing phrase would carry any weight if the wheels fell off the bus on every other step in the sales process?  Of course not and this just serves to illustrate how ridiculous it is for salespeople to put their faith in any one magic closing phrase. 

Magic Closing Omens

I am not going to tell you that marketing directors at IT companies examine the entrails of sacrificed animals, like Roman Generals, before heading off into a MSP marketing battle. However, you might be surprised to learn that many sales people in the IT industry still rely on basic superstitions to govern their marketing process.  I have witnessed proposals generated and edited to ensure that the number 13 doesn’t show up and important sales meeting are never scheduled on Friday the 13th.  Appointments have even been reset at the behest of a superstitious salesmen that had a black cat cross their path. 


Ultimately the special power these artifices have will run out and the sales people that rely on them will end up like dumbo who lost his magic feather in a dive off a high tower.  If you continue to rely on these devices then one day you’ll end up realizing in the middle of a presentation that you forgot to wear your lucky suit, can’t remember you magic closing phrase or didn’t see that magical omen.  What will you do then?  It’s better to ween yourself off these mental training wheels by remembering that it’s you and your abilities that close sales and not some piece of garment or special phrase.

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