Can MSPs Learn Marketing Tricks from Money Laundering in Ozark?

MSP MarketingIn the new Netflix film called Ozark, Jason Bateman plays Marty Bryde, an accountant whose money laundering for the second biggest drug cartel in Mexico, and, when things go south, he moves his family from Chicago to the Ozarks where he must launder millions of dollars.
You might wonder if there really are any good MSP marketing lessons buried in this dramatic money laundering movie, and I can tell you that Marty must sell his angel investing services to gain a money laundering foothold – this is where we can learn some powerful sales lessons!

Know your Enemy

In the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, the author encourages IT readers to speak to the heart or primary interest of those they wish to sway. The idea behind this technique is to first try to understand the other person’s core interest and then connect your objective with achieving their interest. For example, if you know that a bear loves honey then you and use honey as leverage to influence the bears decisions.

This may sound easier than it really is in practice because the average executive is generally not forthcoming when it comes to discussing their overarching goals and desires. However, if you can learn what really drives your prospects interest then you hold the key to persuading them.

Marty’s Sterling Example

In the film Ozark, the leading character Marty finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place as a local drug dealer and the Mexican cartel both begging to pressure him. In one scene Marty is trying to negotiate deal that will make everyone happy. After he explains his basic proposal both sides indicate that in theory the plan sounds good but the local drug dealer has some misgivings on a key detail that in their mind is a deal breaker.

This is where Marty unveils the research that he has performed on his prospect. First, he explains that when they were talking he was really listening and he realize these local drug dealers had a vendetta going but a hundred years against the electric company. This lead him to research their land purchases where he discovered they were buying up land all over the county. Then he looked at them and laid out what he believed was their primary motivating factor and that was seeking revenge on the electric company.

This he artfully overcame their objections by showing how his proposal would allow them to exact the revenge their family had always sought. This is when the magic of speaking to the heart of a prospect happened as all their doubts vanished and they agreed to move forward with the plan.

The MSP Business Application

If you would like to have the same results marketing your MSP business then it’s important it understand the power of learning your prospects true desires and aspirations. Next you must take steps to acquire this information like actively listening to them, stalking them online, and finally asking them directly. Once you know where their interest lies then follow Marty’s example and show them how they can realize their dreams by using your IT services. If you successfully implement this strategy then you can lead them to your managed services agreements as easily as you can lead a bear with honey!

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