Are You Too Passive With Your IT Marketing on the Web?

IT MarketingOnline Marketing is a Balancing Act

IT marketing has the potential for great success. The issue is balance. You’ve got to balance strategies and adapt as necessary. Five things very important to remember include:

• Content: it’s king
• The consistent, passive approach
• That personal touch
• Aggressive, market-specific approaches

Content: It’s King

Content represents the foundation of your online marketing campaign. You can spread information across social media, but if links just send potential clients to an empty website, a few pictures, and nothing substantive, you’re not likely to make any conversions. You need information in your content that’s actionable, appropriate, and directly relates to needs of prospective clients.

The Consistent, Passive Approach

Have you ever heard that old saying, “A soft tongue breaks the bone”? What’s that ancient proverb mean? Well, it’s talking about consistent, passive insistence. It’s saying to continually drop information on the individuals whose mind must be changed. Eventually, they capitulate. Eventually, that soft tongue cuts right through the bone.

You want to clearly make your products and services visible, but you don’t want to beat your potential market over the head with advertisement. The passive approach doesn’t push sales, it mentions possible purchase options in conjunction with an article that has— or seems to have— a totally different purpose. For example, you could write a blog about the value of financial independence which results from cloud technology, and then casually drop a link to your business toward the end of the article. The reader is interested in the concept, not the sales-y language. Then they naturally go to your site.

That Personal Touch

You don’t want anything to look mass-produced, contrived, syndicated, or inauthentic. You want everything to feel real. So make it real. Tell the truth. Abscond with professional niceties unless they’re integral to your target market. Don’t be afraid to speak directly to readers. Hit them where they live. If you tell the truth and tell it authentically, it will do a great deal to positively establish your content.

Aggressive, Market-Specific Approaches

Now here’s where you’ve got to learn to juggle your IT marketing strategies. Sometimes the passive approach works, sometimes it doesn’t. Look at it this way: pretend you’re an adviser to the king. You’ve been working on him for ten years to institute a new education program. Finally, he relents— that’s the soft tongue approach.

Now, say there’s an enemy on the horizon— competition!— and they’ve got a new marketing (attack) strategy. The king wants to ignore them, but you know if he does, it’ll implode the kingdom. It’s time for aggressive, market-specific approaches.

You’ve got to be relevant to clients, identify their needs, and address them directly. But try to avoid the public eye. Work on your client— the king!— not the outsiders beyond the castle walls. You want the community to see your brand as positive. If you start berating the community, the winds may change. Instead, have a direct message for a direct audience that feels like a deal only they are privy to.

Balancing It All

An IT marketing team must be able to juggle all these things harmoniously.

About our Contributor

IT Services San AntonioNathan Rizzo is Vice President of Rx Technology providing Technology Construction and IT Support with Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Nathan served as the Director of Business Development before spearheading the Managed Service Provider team in San Antonio which has turned Rx Technology into one of the premier IT Services firms in San Antonio that provides state-of-the-art cyber security in San Antonio and Texas.

Nathan received his M.B.A. in 2009 from the University of Dallas. Prior to joining Rx Technology, Nathan worked as a managed it services specialist in San Antonio delivering a wide range of offerings for litigation and internal investigations, in addition to government and regulatory requests. He has also been a partner in an interactive web marketing firm.