IT Lead Generation: Education vs. Persuasion

IT lead generationCourting the Client

IT lead generation that secures new customers like a man looking to secure a lifelong mate is going to do better than MSPs who try to go after it like a frat boy on the prowl. Think about it critically: when you realize someone’s trying to persuade you toward their perspective, don’t you automatically throw up mental walls? You don’t want to be tricked into anything; you want to make an informed decision. You want to choose— you don’t want to have your thinking done for you.

The man who woos a woman for many years will find himself married to her, likely enough, and can then bring up children, start a family, and operate from a socially, economically, philosophically, and emotionally secure area. Meanwhile, the frat boy who woos girls with card tricks, mousse, and motorcycles is going to find those partners willing to “go” for such a guy, and who want to be persuaded. Sure, he’ll find more of them; but ultimately, he will have to deal with the baggage of a significant other who can be persuaded into the most intimate of situations based purely on a nice bit of wardrobe on an average guy.

Likewise, an MSP that tries to convince clients into purchasing, rather than wooing them with actionable data, is going to find a cavalcade of clients who are late on their invoices, get mad when impossible demands aren’t meant, and constantly get themselves into trouble which is expensive for the tech company to fix. You want to educate the client so that they can make an informed decision— this should be the top of your sales funnel. Don’t initially persuade— educate.

How Do You Educate Rather Than Persuade?

Be crushingly honest and emphasize features which make your MSP stand out against other competition. Talk about the cloud, its benefits, and potential savings. Do the same for IoT or BDR solutions. You don’t want to emphasize your business specifically, just those things you can provide better than others in the area. Perhaps at the end, mention that you offer such things, but getting IT lead generation where it should be involves the “sales funnel;” and getting clients swirling into the acquisition Coriolis force at the bottom is much more effectively done when clients jump in, as opposed to being dragged down.

The Next Step

Once you’ve used straightforward techniques to educate your clients on the prospects your organization offers, then it’s time to start “impressing” them. You’ve managed to get that special someone to go on a few dates with you. It’s time to up the ante. At this point in the game, you want aggressive, appealing drip-marketing campaigns which continuously put your product in front of potential leads.

Now, at this point, it’s certainly fine for your materials to be persuasive, but you want clients to sort of “stumble” upon your MSP solutions. Content creation through agencies known for successful content campaigns can be absolutely important here. You want content that’s properly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) designed. You want content that has the right shape, the right links, pictures— all those developing items of content creation which make it effective. Then the client finds you when they search for the products or services you provide.

About our Contributor

IT Service San AntonioNathan Rizzo is Vice President of Rx Technology providing Technology Construction and IT Support with Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Nathan served as the Director of Business Development before spearheading the Managed Services Provider team in San Antonio which has turned Rx Technology into one of the premier IT Service firms in San Antonio that provides state-of-the-art cyber security in San Antonio and Texas.

Nathan received his M.B.A. in 2009 from the University of Dallas. Prior to joining Rx Technology, Nathan worked as a managed it services specialist in San Antonio delivering a wide range of offerings for litigation and internal investigations, in addition to government and regulatory requests. He has also been a partner in an interactive web marketing firm.