The Best Way to Sell More Managed Services Marketing Agreements Is by Making a Demonstration

managed services marketingShowing Rather Than Telling

Managed services marketing needs to heed this advice: you’re a better communicator if you show rather than tell. There are a number of reasons for this, chief among them the naturally organic inception of an idea, as opposed to the synthetically abstract ingestion of an idea. One requires passively absorbing; the other requires actively taking in. It’s harder to actively take in than it is to passively absorb, and clients are looking to have a solution handed to them in return for cash, not work.

This is why the parable is so effective. Observe: a man once told his children that the idea of quantity is built upon categorizing abstract numerical concepts such that surrounding observable phenomena could be categorized, described, understood, and acted upon. His brother took out a bag of marshmallows and said, “Do you want one or two?”

See the difference? Kids understand with hands-on experience much better than they do through the explanation of the abstract underlying concepts which define the lessons being taught. Your MSP’s sales will be very similar to this, as the concepts behind many tech solutions are exceptionally abstract. If you’re telling rather than showing, you can spend pointless hours trying to describe the advantages of the cloud. Or, you could pull out your cell phone, back everything up to the cloud, then walk to a computer in your shop and retrieve the information. One method is marshmallows; the other is incomprehensible polysyllabic gibberish.

Finding “Teachable” Moments

Where the difficulty chiefly manifests is in determining which can be demonstrated concerning IT. Information technology is, by definition, abstract. Still, there are a few things you can demonstrate to clients in a “tangible” sort of way:

• BDR – Backup and Disaster Recovery
• The Aforementioned Cloud Computing Desktop Solution

Managed services marketing that can show clients just how valuable recovery solutions can be will stand to make some tangible sales. A good way to demonstrate this is through videos which portray servers that have gone down, and what it looks like when they’re restored. If you can set up a live server restoration demonstration, this will be keenly effective.

When it comes to cloud solutions, you could do the previously mentioned smartphone demonstration, but this can be abstract to businesses that just don’t get what’s going on with the cloud. You’ll know this right away, as the majority of objections you’re going to hear against the cloud pertain to “fixed” things which are argued as “problems” but actually are not. Take speed, for example. Many clients will object that the cloud couldn’t possibly be fast enough, that it will be slow and lag. Brush away that concern with simplicity through a live demonstration. When prospects are able to see firsthand, with their own eyes, how effective this solution actually is, suddenly they’ll be on board with you.

Be Creative

Be proactive about demonstrations. If you’re selling, for example, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, have a few demos available in your office. Maybe string up some LEDs around a table display and have your salesperson, with a wry grin, say something to the effect of: “Watch this,” and then send the lights through their paces— a simple, eye-catching demonstration of IoT. You could also use a smartphone to lock or unlock a door, change the settings on the AC, or manipulate an in-house refrigerator.

Have you heard of telepresence bots? These are basically an iPad on a remote control chassis that resembles a Segway. There are expensive and cheap telepresence robots, but they can be very effective in demonstrating on-site/remote services. You can sell one to the client with a discounted service package under the predicate that they’ll receive essentially the same level of service as having on-site personnel. But, at a fraction of the cost, and with the option to send a real tech out if things get beyond the ken of remote support through the bot. Collaterally, you’ll be freeing up your own operation by avoiding persnickety clients who don’t know their technology but do know how to waste your time.

Managed services marketing which shows rather than tells doesn’t simply win more clients— it also diminishes the infrastructural difficulties of operation.

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