Has Google’s Algorithm Become Immune to Your MSP Blogs?

MSP BlogsIf you’ve been writing and posting MSP blogs for your business for a while now, you know that Google’s algorithm can be a tricky animal. Trying to gauge how to best write your blogs to rank for certain words often feels like a guessing game. You may find one strategy you thought would work fails miserably, yet another tactic reaps tons of response.

Though it’s impossible to always know what Google is looking for and what they will look for in the future, one thing is certain: Google rewards diversity. That means that if you haven’t changed anything in your blog or SEO strategy for a while, it’s likely that their algorithm has started to ignore your business. If you feel your online marketing has started to lose its value, consider making the following changes:

Get Online Reviews

Reputation management, also known as online reviews, is one of the newest online marketing strategies. You can focus on one platform, such as Yelp or Facebook, or you can use a system that pushes out reviews to multiple platforms for maximum value. Personally asking each of your clients for an online review is cumbersome and, most of the time, ineffective. Consider using a program that makes it convenient for your customers to tell others what they think. These programs can also provide incentives for your customers, such as gift cards or discounts, which will further encourage them to recommend your services.

Post More Original Content

How often do you add original content to your site? Are you regularly posting helpful videos and online tutorials? The more original content you can use in your marketing strategy, the more Google will take notice. Task one of your employees with updating your site on a regular basis with content that is valuable to your target market.

Change Up Your Blogs

Are you writing the same type of MSP blogs with the same keywords every week? It’s definitely time to switch your approach. Try some new keywords or audiences. You can also request guest posts from other experts in the industry for a refreshing change. Try using video in your blogs, or include blogs about another part of your business that you rarely write about. The more diverse your blog is, the more your customers will enjoy reading it and the more Google will take notice.

Add to On-Page SEO

The blog is not the only section of your website that should be refreshed. If you haven’t taken a look at other parts of your site for SEO-friendly terms, you should make it a priority. Identify the keywords you want to rank for and make sure they are used throughout your site. Include both long and short tail keywords and keyword phrases. Make sure to use keywords in main and subheadings for maximum effect.

Get Some Help

Keeping up with algorithms and trying to continually change up your strategy can easily feel like a full-time job. If you feel overwhelmed by the process or are just not getting anywhere with your strategy, it might be time to reach out to a professional. A marketing company that specializes in online strategies can help you leverage the newest and best tools and succeed with your target audience.

An online marketing strategy featuring MSP blogs is a great way to get found online by your target market. However, if you do not continually change your strategies and keep your information fresh, Google may start ignoring your site and you may lose business. By using diverse tactics and using the expertise of professional marketers, your business can achieve online marketing success.

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