Are You Looking for a Jack of All Trades to Write MSP Blogs?

MSP BlogsAre you using MSP blogs as part of your online marketing strategy? This can be a very smart play, especially if you have experts who can use the blogs to get you ranked highly on search engines. However, many MSP owners try to save money by hiring a jack of all trades who writes their blogs, handles their social media, sends out email blasts, and does their telemarketing.

The danger here is that, while a jack of all trades will save you money in the beginning, it will cost you money in the long run due to lack of results. Just as you would not go to your primary doctor if you needed heart surgery, you should not go to a jack of all trades marketer to write your blogs. Here are some reasons why hiring a specialist just makes sense:

A Specialist Has More Training and Experience

An expert who specializes in writing MSP blogs has probably written hundreds or thousands of blogs and has seen the results from different types of articles. They know what works and what doesn’t. They’ve also studied and read up on the latest techniques to use to get your company ranked. A jack of all trades marketer needs to keep up on hundreds of different trends, marketing techniques, and updates. They simply cannot devote the time to specific types of blogs like a specialist can.

A Specialist Knows All the Tricks

Getting highly ranked in search engines is not always a straight-forward process. Depending on changing algorithms, activities of competitors, and updates Google makes to their system, the strategy could change from week to week. Specialists stay up on all of these issues and know how to make the system work for you.

A Specialist is Familiar with Your Industry

Do you really want a writer who blogs for a fashion company to also write in-depth blogs for your MSP? If you want authoritative blogs that not only get you ranked highly but also provide value to your clients, you have to work with a specialist who is familiar with your industry. They will know the correct terms and lingo to use and will also know what information your audience wants.

A Specialist Will Increase Your ROI

When you work with a specialist, your extra money is well-spent. Due to their knowledge of the industry, their in-depth training, and familiarity with Google’s ins and outs, they can get you results that are well worth the increase in budget. When your blogs written by a specialist turn into new clients, you’ll never again wonder if you should hire a jack of all trades.

Specialists get paid more for a reason. If you really want to see results from your MSP blogs strategy, you cannot hire a jack of all trades to handle all of your marketing and expect to see results

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