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IT Companies Offering Cheap Storage in Their Own Data Centers Are in for a Surprise!

IT CompaniesDo you work with one of the IT companies that achieved success by offering cheap on-site storage for clients? While this may have sounded like a great deal at the time, the time is coming where that seemingly unlimited amount of storage will need upgrades. This can trickle down to you in the form of increased costs, lack of data security, and a potential loss of your information. Here are some reasons why these companies may be in for a surprise and what you can do to protect your data:

They Will Need to Upgrade Hardware

Hardware will always need to be upgraded, and this may or may not be something that many IT companies consider when they first opened. Hardware is expensive, and if the company didn’t properly budget for it, that cost could be passed on to you. The small amount you were paying to store your data before could suddenly double or triple, making your initially affordable investment a budget-breaker.

They Need to Constantly Upgrade Security Measures

As hackers become more sophisticated, data center owners must upgrade security measures to make sure the data they store is secure from attack. One slip in this area and your private information— along with all the other private information stored in the center— could be compromised. If the data center owner is already stretched due to the need for hardware upgrades, paying extra to update security could fall by the wayside.

They Can Potentially Run Out of Space

Unlike cloud data storage options, data centers that rely on hardware have a limited amount of space. While this may have been more than adequate when the company first started, they may notice that space is quickly running out. What does this mean for you? If the company doesn’t properly invest in more space, you may have to find a different storage option. In the worst-case scenario, they may try to delete some data to free up space, inadvertently causing you to lose important information.

What You Can Do to Protect Data

If you’re worried about the safety or security of your data in a storage center, there are a few avenues you can pursue. If you are using storage primarily to send very large files then you may want to find a secure file transfer service (click this link for reference of such a service). A different solution is to transfer your data to a cloud storage service. You can work with a professional IT consultant who can recommend a good service and assist you in the transfer as well. Cloud storage is accessible from anywhere, so this is also a good option for business owners who frequently need to access their data remotely. However, while cloud storage has the benefit of being virtually limitless, you do need to be careful and choose one that has a high level of security. You can learn more about cloud data security here.

If you wish to keep your data in an on-site data storage center, make sure you ask your IT provider how they would deal with storage issues. Do they have plenty of storage for the foreseeable future? What are they doing to upgrade security? When is their next hardware upgrade scheduled and how will this affect your data? Sometimes, all it takes is a short conversation to puts your fears to rest. If your provider cannot or will not answer these questions, view it as a red flag and consider moving your data now. Perhaps the IT provider will suggest using this Synology NAS option to keep data on-site. That should offer more storage capacity for the business.

IT companies that have been making easy money for years with cheap data storage options will soon be in for a surprise if they haven’t accounted for upgrades to space and security. If you’ve stored your data with one of these companies, don’t panic. Have a conversation with them to see if they have a plan in place. If they don’t, speak with an IT consultant who can help you choose a new storage option and transfer your data safely. The best data storage options are when your network uses fiber optics and SFP transceivers (click here to view), which makes it much more secure and safer to use.


IT CompaniesDan Clarke is the Vice President of Marketing, Business Development, and Web Services of Hilltop Consultants, a company providing DC IT Support and IT services in Washington DC. With over 18 years of experience in marketing strategy, communications, sales/business development, and the web/digital/creative strategy, design and development, Dan has also built and spearheaded the marketing divisions of corporations that include a national Managed IT Services Provider and international civil rights law firm. Alongside his role in overseeing all aspects of the company’s marketing & business development strategy and execution, Dan also uses his depth of experience, creativity, and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking as a Virtual CIO (vCIO), web developer and digital strategist. His team’s relentless energy, tenacity, and service delivery help provide their clients with powerful insights, platforms, and solutions that can help take their businesses to the next level and beyond, making Hilltop one of the best IT Support in Washington DC.