Here Are a Few Tips to Getting Your MSP Business More Leads!

MSP BusinessGiving People the Tools to Choose for Themselves

An MSP business’ marketing strategy is all about getting customers to pre-qualify themselves— this takes a little bit of explanation. First, understand that technical solutions today practically sell themselves for reasons of competition and cost-savings. Cloud computing solutions cut out the costs of equipment purchase and maintenance, as well as the additional cost of upgrades and the upkeep on a backup system. Most companies will find that apple msp is also a good investment to help their business run smoother than usual. Then there are the infrastructural time losses which come from testing systems in-house. Sometimes, you’ll have to switch systems for a few hours and there’s a delay during the changeover where productivity is statistically lost on a daily basis. All these costs are easily curtailed with cloud computing solutions, and so, naturally drive customers into a position where they’re on the lookout for cost-saving fixes. The key here is demonstrating that your company is the one requisite to the task, and to that end, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Social Media and Actual Social Interaction

Think about Facebook, first and foremost. You definitely need a social media presence, but if you’re like anyone else navigating this new communication medium, you realize that a big number of likes doesn’t equate to a big number of closed deals. Likes also don’t equal to phone calls. You can have 250 likes but only a handful of actual interactions between them. What works a lot better are referrals. Some of the most actionable referrals come from:

• Customers
• Friends
• Networking Partners

Growth on a Predictable Curve
You want to facilitate continual growth in a predictable range. Have a baseline of something like 15-20% portfolio growth expected yearly. This will require communication between existing customers. You want to spread a buzz that organically pulls in new clients. For this, you’ll need a concerted media campaign utilizing the latest effective methods, like SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing), speaking opportunities at local events, and one of the most important items: well-written articles published in regional media. You want to be perceived as an expert in the IT world. This ensures that those searching for your MSP business will already know what they want by the time they find you. As referenced earlier, potential clients will pre-qualify themselves.

The Inception of Sales

It’s like that movie Inception: the idea was to enter a man’s dream and implant an idea— thus the title; the inception of an idea. The dream weavers, led by Leo DiCaprio, were hired by a competitor to the man whose dream would be manipulated. They implanted an idea in his head through the dream that would encourage him to end his business, leaving the competition who hired the dream makers to conquer the market unchallenged. Even explaining the plot is difficult because the film works like a fractal. It’s just story within story within story. But regardless, the core concept is that which you’re trying to evoke in potential clients. You want them to organically choose your business, and one of the best ways to do that is to plant seeds in their mind that flower into purchasing choices.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The best way to do this is by giving customers on the hunt for such solutions the information they need to make an informed decision. So, write articles and get other media commissioned which has been designed to be placed where your target market will be going. But additionally, you want to get your customers to recommend you of their own volition. Friends may do this easier, but relying on them too heavily can strain the friendship. Networking partners have the most “in it” for them to contiguously recommend your services. To ensure that all three will give you a glowing recommendation of their own volition, you want to make services— and interactions between customers and your business— as good as possible. Make connections who are excited to tell others about the good job you did for them with your IT service provision.


A great way to do that is to wow your customers with cutting-edge solutions. So, work with your MSP business to find those provisions your organization can sustain, which are the latest advantageous innovation.

About the Author

Aaron Cane is the Chief Executive Officer of CTI Technology, his responsibility is to create an organization that transcends employee culture, vision, and market positioning in a rapidly-changing technology industry. His life’s mantra is to MAKE IT HAPPEN; He will do just that. CTI Technology was founded in 2004 and currently provides IT Services in Naperville along with IT support for Schaumburg and IT consulting in the Naperville area and has ultimately delivered services to more than 1540 clients to date! Currently CTI Technology is focused on providing managed IT services and IT consulting all around the Chicago suburb areas like Schaumburg, Aurora and Evanston. Their focus in on providing top customer services to their customers by hiring techs that have great customers services skills along with amazing technical experience! Our primary goal is to stay ahead of the technology curve so that CTI Technology can deliver managed IT services to our customers in Naperville that will eliminate downtime, maximize productivity and increase profits!