Are You Using Your Office as an IT Marketing Tool?

IT MarketingAcquiring New Clients: Keys to Success

There are many different IT marketing approaches you can take toward sourcing new clients. Several primary aspects of sustainably attaining them include:

• Presence
• Reliability
• Preferability


Your IT services solution must be prescient to a certain degree. This means it should be visible. To that end, you’re going to need marketing solutions, and you’ll want to source those solutions from a number of different areas. But one area many fail to consider is basic visibility. You want a well-staffed office that’s easy to see. Prospects who regularly encounter you peripherally will have a place they can source for solutions in the back of their mind when the need arises, meaning just existing in a good location and managing your services visibly can generate clientele over time. This also goes a long way to ensuring your services are reliable.


Your clients want to know they can trust the MSP with whom they work. Your IT marketing needs to communicate trustworthiness. Part of that is the visibility outlined earlier. When you’re regularly visible, trust comes about as a natural consequence of that visibility. But additionally, your services must have some vetting behind them. Seek testimonials.

If clients don’t render testimonials of their own will, write some up pertaining to services you’ve delivered, run them by previous clients to ensure nothing has been said that they don’t approve being printed in their name, and then post those reviews online. It’s not that clients don’t want to give you positive marks, it’s that running a business is time-consuming and they may not always have time to get to it. If your MSP is always harping on a client for a review, that gets irritating enough you may never get one, or one which you do get could be less positive than you’d prefer. It’s better to write one yourself and then ensure it jives with client ideals. If so, then you can publish under their name and help bring in additional clients.

Something to consider is that many MSPs will only tell clients the number of employees they have, then claim they operate from some office local to the area. Unless clients can see the reality of this claim, they will likely suspect you’re stretching the truth, as many MSPs have made similar claims in the past. Therefore, distrust usually characterizes initial interactions between MSPs and their future clients. A way around this is to insist potential clients pay your office a visit when proposals are being made. This will increase your ratio of successful acquisitions, and you’ll close more often.

There’s no shortage of shell companies in the world that act as though they’re top-tier service providers, when in reality, there are only a handful of people conducting operations. They’re an inflatable business. You need to show clients that your MSP services aren’t some inflatable toy, but the real deal.


Instilling preferability is done very well when businesses are easy to see, and trustworthiness is directly communicated. Because of the dishonest atmosphere modern businesses must endure in today’s technological market, when there are obvious signs of reliability from the get-go, clients are more likely to prefer your services naturally. The best kind of marketing is that which isn’t forced or shoehorned in, but that which has a sort of evident, holistic, organic nature to it. Your business recommends itself through its very operation in addition to the available content, commercials, trade show appearances, billboards, local access advertisements, reviews, recommendations, and other positive PR putsches put into play by your marketing division.

Visibly Reliable Businesses Are Preferable

IT marketing which follows an approach emphasizing these three key business traits will source more clients more often, thus creating a sustainable business model able to remain operable even should certain clients pull out from their relationship with a given MSP.

The truth is, the market is unpredictable, and you can’t just tread water with a handful of clients no matter how lucrative they may be. If the 2008 financial crash taught us anything, it’s that even top-tier organizations can implode. You can avoid implosion through diversification of your service delivery among multiple clients to whom you’ve successfully marketed.


IT Support San JoseRobert Naragon is the Founder and President of ITQue, Inc. (pronounced “i-teek”), an IT company based in Campbell that provides IT Support in San Jose. ITQue provides a wide range to IT services to San Jose based companies. And ITQue provides IT consulting to help small and mid-sized businesses in San Jose increase productivity and profitability with customized, flexible hybrid cloud and IT solutions. Prior to ITQue, he was the Founder and President of VistanetIT, Inc., also based in Campbell, a Managed IT Service Provider to small and medium-sized businesses.

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