Are You Rolling out the Red Carpet in Your MSP Marketing?

MSP Marketing
Your MSP marketing should include designing a nice, attractive office. It’s a subtle tool to let prospects know you take professionalism seriously while demonstrating creative vision. You can create a sense of “rolling out the red carpet” for your prospects during a sales presentation by displaying their logo on video monitors. Here are other symbolic gestures you can perform and why it’s important to treat potential clients with special attention:

Ways to Show Appreciation

• Add a welcome sign next to their logo on a big screen
• Provide a complimentary lunch
• Give them a tour of your complex
• Offer an amazing introductory deal

Importance of Giving Prospects Royal Treatment

When any business person takes time out of their busy schedule to consider your MSP marketing presentation, it’s an opportunity to prove that they made the right decision. Chances are, if they have a need to find a new MSP for any reason, they’ll be visiting competitors as well. But once they enter your domain, their focus probably will be completely on you, otherwise they wouldn’t be wasting their time and effort. So, give them more than what they expect by delighting them with pleasant surprises, such as lunch.

Consider why they’re visiting you in the first place. This isn’t the 1990s when unsuspecting managers everywhere assumed that anyone who knew anything about tech would be their ticket to prosperity. Many companies have been burned by MSPs and IT firms that didn’t live up to their promises but got paid well anyway. They may be reaching out to you because the last managed services provider couldn’t solve their technology problems adequately.

Prospects may keep searching until they find someone who stands out as deeply caring about their business. Someone who has suffered from a bad tech experience is likely looking for a more trustworthy resource to provide them with more reliable and meaningful service. That’s why it helps to treat the prospect’s visit as a gateway to a new friendship instead of just another sale.

Why Offering Free Lunch Matters

The best way to start a new relationship is committing a generous act. Food is something everyone loves, so it’s an easy way to win trust quickly. Even if the meeting ends with the prospect making a common vague statement like “I’ll get back with you” or “I’ll think about it,” at least you’ve opened the door to a new relationship. They may meet with five other MSPs who don’t bother serving them anything but a sales pitch, which could help make your presentation stand out as the most memorable.

There are many reasons for decision makers to be stressed out today, considering the uncertain global economy. TV news paints the world as falling apart on a daily basis. Terrorism and cyber threats have become normal headlines. But as an MSP who wears many hats, you can provide relief from all the chaos that’s constantly unfolding. In that moment of peace and clarity, you can come off as a healer.

Steps to Take for MSPs

During lunch when you’re establishing that you’re an alternative to the noise of the world, you don’t have to treat the event so seriously. It’s your chance to show that you like having fun, down-to-earth conversations and that you’re as much of a good listener as a good entertainer. Here are steps you can take to move toward a solid business relationship:

• Be more than a money-driven sales agent
• Show that you have concern for their business and industry
• Ask questions about their short term needs and long term goals
• Explain why your solutions keep evolving with new technology
• Share your track record of success and offer references


Part of MSP marketing involves meeting new prospects and showing them that techies are humans too. In fact, that’s exactly what many managers are looking for: someone who listens to them just like a close friend. So, don’t hold back in treating new prospects as special. To add the “Midas Touch,” give them a bag of gifts such as candies that they can share with others as a reminder that your friendship is waiting for them if they want it.


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