MSPs Must Use Bait and Switch to Fully Benefit from Internet Marketing Leads!

MSP MarketingAs a managed service provider, you’re going to get all sorts of calls from potential clients. These could be calls that lead to lucrative service contracts, or they could be calls that will all be for nothing in the end. It’s a matter of doing all that you can, though, with each prospect that comes through the door or picks up the phone to reach out. The more you can use your MSP business’ marketing tactics to your advantage in these situations, the better off you’re going to be.

Practicing the Bait and Switch

It’s all about the tactic that’s commonly known as the bait and switch. The whole idea here is that you never want to treat any potential prospect as a waste of time. Even the simplest and smallest of calls could turn into big opportunities in both the short and long term.

The premise of the bait and switch is that you get a call in from a potential client— they may reach out to you because they have a small issue and they need your help. Instead of ignoring this simple request, what you want to do is try and follow through with it.

Before sending your tech team to the prospect’s location to fix the issue, do your homework first. Research the business prospect and see how big they are. Gather as much information as possible so your tech team will have ample knowledge and successfully accomplish your MSP business’ marketing tactic.

The Big Sell

Once they’re out to fix the business’ IT issues, then this is when you switch the work that they’re doing into “sell” mode. With the information that’s been gathered, they’re can now identify potentially bigger problems that the prospect may be facing. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss some of the services that you offer and see how the two of you can come together and form a partnership.


The bait and switch is one of the most powerful techniques that your MSP business can use in marketing your services. It’s all about never ignoring your customers and focusing on all potential clients, no matter how big or small their initial problem may be. You’ll never know when that next lucrative client is going to give you a call.

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