Can Your MSP Business Be Found on Google Places?

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The web traffic of your MSP business may not always work the way you expect it. Oftentimes, a small MSP will have available advertisement means that they can take advantage of, which go unused. It can be hard to pin down where the disconnect is, but two common areas where MSP business marketing commonly misses the mark involve:

• Google Places
• Google Reviews

Going Places, Digitally

Google Places is where you want your business to be… if you want to be found by potential clients. Users can be connected with information about literally millions of locations… and almost instantaneously. Google Places API is available for both Android and iOS users, meaning it pretty much captures the market. This application of tech involves getting your MSP’s information in varying libraries, maps, and JavaScript applications. As a result, when clients search for something even vaguely related to your company’s tech provisions, they can see your business on their online map. This literally puts your MSP “on the map.”

Google Reviews

When people see a place that they think will meet their needs, the next natural step is to look for reviews. They’re looking to see if users have had a good experience with that place. Naturally, you want a great number of good reviews, and part of sourcing them requires asking. When clients enjoy your products or services, have them write a positive review on Google. The more reviews you have, the more “relevant” your MSP becomes, meaning it will be more “visible” to those conducting searches related to technology in your area.

Using Established MSP Marketing Solutions

Your business can almost always stand to improve marketing technique, but you definitely don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

If you’re not familiar with a “sandbox” video game, it’s a program where you can stick to the “main plot,” or just go goofing off. The Grand Theft Auto games are of the “sandbox” variety, as are a great deal of RPGs. World of Warcraft is essentially a “sandbox” game. When you’re marketing your MSP, you’re going to find the solutions you can choose that bear a striking similarity to the “sandbox” video games on the market today. You can do anything and go anywhere, and until you learn how the “game” works, you’ll basically be treading water, and the plot will go nowhere. The right SEO marketing provider is kind of like a guidebook in a game, or a beacon on a hill. They help provide you with direction so you know where to go and how to get there the most effectively. Additionally, the right MSP uses vetted techniques to establish content, often following a procedure with steps like:

• Brainstorming
• Content Creation
• Review
• Keyword Optimization
• Publication
• Promotion
• Guest Blogging
• Marketing Solutions

The right online marketing provider will help you think up ideas, then create content around them. This content will be reviewed, optimized, published, promoted, and then circulated through guest blogs with built-in audiences. Techniques like these, in conjunction with Google Reviews and Google Places, make your MSP business much more visible. At MSP SEO Factory, we use a variety of vetted techniques like these to help you get atop the competition. From Google Places to original content, we’ve got you covered, and can help you substantively expand your online influence.

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