MSPs Should Be Writing Cliff Hanger Blogs for Success!

MSP blogsWhat Did Your Old English Teacher Say?

MSP blogs are pieces of writing like anything else, be it classical or of the “new school” circulating publications today. When you were in school, you likely had some English teacher tell you to “show” rather than to “tell.” Here’s what that means: rather than giving a straightforward point-by-point breakdown of your MSP business’ products and services, when you’re writing a blog, you must draw the reader in. The following are a few “tricks of the trade” that could help:


No, this isn’t the film with Sylvester Stallone— which, by the way, is based on a true story about a crashed plane smuggling marijuana and a bunch of climbers in Yosemite National Park, California. Granted, the film changed substantially from the 1970’s tale that seeded the concept, but it has some basis. A bunch of hikers saw a plane crash in Yosemite, climbed up there, and found it had been smuggling illicit drugs from south of the American border. In a counter-cultural perspective, these climbers capitalized on the find as much as they could— but that’s another tale. What’s important in this article is that you’ve been shown, rather than told, how to create a cliffhanger.

Have you caught on yet? The last sentence in the above paragraph is a huge clue, and so is the link. Basically, the link makes an outrageous claim, then follows a few other facts to back that claim up, and ends with a final note on the nature of “the cliffhanger,” which prompts the reader to read the next paragraph. The link, and the last sentence, are both “cliffhangers.”

When writing blogs for your MSP website, you want to do the same. Say something outrageous and don’t back it up for a little while so the reader scans on to find the answer. They’ve got the question at the back of their mind, and you end the article with the answer to that question. But in the meantime, you give them a lot of other information pertaining to your MSP which is absorbed consciously or unconsciously. Write your MSP blogs like this and you’ll increase readership and online effectiveness.

Additional Tips

There’s nuance silhouetting effective blog composition. Additional tips include:

• Don’t use all your ideas at once (separate them and expand on each individually)
• Build curiosity in readers (cliffhangers help)
• Use taboos to your advantage— where feasible
• Humor

Taboo was used in this article: the reference to drugs. Good or bad, people are interested in taboos. You don’t have to support it or belittle it— just mention it and you’ll get people to be curious. One reason that “sex sells” is because it’s taboo. That’s a decreasing reality in today’s hyper-sexual world, however, and as a result, leaning too heavily on this old advertisement trope may actually lose you clients. Humor is a much better substitution— that hits on all levels.

Your MSP blogs ultimately represent many clients’ first impression of your company, so you want those blogs to look good. At MSP SEO Factory, we’ve written thousands of blogs for a lot of diverse clients. We have plenty of testimonials defining our services, and a vetted process known for its effectiveness.

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