Revolutionize Your MSP Marketing Model and Ignite New Growth by Inspecting New Technology Offerings!

MSP MarketingThe Innovative Angle

MSP marketing definitely requires technological cognizance. It’s not just the orchestration of diverse advertising techniques; it also must be a revealing agent of current and upcoming tech innovations. The best marketing demonstrates new solutions. There’s something which is very appealing about new technology, and if you can tap into this appeal, you’ll have a much easier time obtaining new clients from your target markets, and serving the existing clients you’ve already procured.

Keeping Up-To-Date

You’re a tomcat on the prowl, and new technology innovations are your mice. They’re your birds. They’re the little creatures that felines are always chasing in the wee small hours of morning. You want to find tech applications on the cutting edge before anyone else does and apply them to your services docket. This will help you develop a reputation which is itself a kind of MSP marketing. Potential clients will follow you because you’re a leader of technology in the industry. The best marketing is always going to be that which doesn’t need to be “forced,” but comes about on its own.

Consider Apple and Windows. Both have exceptional target markets who are often fiercely loyal of their preferred products. Get a Mac enthusiast and a Windows enthusiast in a room, say one platform is better than the other, and watch the sparks fly! You want your clients to be so enamored of your brand that they’ll willingly defend it to potential clients of your competition. This kind of brand loyalty can’t be bought, it must be chosen by free will. One way to make that choice easy is to provide services so exceptional and new that it becomes pleasurable to follow your operation.

Certainly, it’s not possible to be the only provider of new solutions, but it’s possible to get there before your competition if you’re steadfast. There’s a learning curve, but it’s not insurmountable.

Some Strategies

There are some things you can do that will help you cohesively provide “future” solutions. Look at areas of innovation that aren’t always mainstream. A perfect example is healthcare records security. Everyone knows about cloud computing, but many don’t realize hardware and software solutions which have spun off from this technological upthrust are facilitating a revolution in the medical community. Additionally, there are some exceptionally top-tier medical clients out there who definitely need cutting-edge services. Market to them. Follow their trends. Find where needs are and fill those needs. Look at the vacuum points in your community and see where you can fill those voids with new tech that local medical practices may not have had the time to research.

It makes good sense to closely consider your target market and do the work for them. You know what they need. And if you can show them what they need before they realize it, you can surprise them with cost-effective solutions which will provide them a competitive edge that saves them money. Then everybody wins. You obtain new clientele, they save money by using your new tech solutions, and so, you’re able to progressively expand in your search for more cutting edge tech.

Facilitating Client Trust

When you can essentially “come out of the woodwork” with a means of saving your clients’ money, that’s going to build a lot of trust. But you can’t do this only one time, as technology solutions like that are continuously being developed. You’ve got to do that as much as it’s possible for your company to do. Measures to help you initiate marketing growth which positively affects you and clients include:

• Sourcing new solutions before the competition
• Meeting client needs preemptively
• Finding areas of innovation that are generally unknown
• Continuing to discover and provide new solutions

MSP marketing is a unique field of outreach because those who market must in some way be involved in the process of sourcing and spreading technology themselves. The best way to do this is to do your homework… and keep doing it. As you increase clients, you will increase profitability, and so your resources. The more resources you have available, the better your leads will ultimately be, ergo, the greater your client base. It’s an upward spiral where everyone can win.

About the Author

Nuresh Momin is the co-founder of Houstontech, a company providing Managed IT Services in Houston. They specialize in IT support for Houston small and medium-sized businesses, and since 2009, they’ve been helping clients improve their businesses with quality solutions, such as IT consulting, backup and data recovery, cloud services, computer repair and IT services in the Houston area.
From a very young age, Nuresh liked to tinker with gadgets. He made his passion into career. He has more than 10 years of experience working in Information Technology. His role and expertise include, but not limited to, IT management, support and consulting. He works with clients ranging from cpas and accountants, doctors, and real estate developers, to credit unions, oil and gas companies, manufacturing companies, insurance firms and nonprofit organizations.