Start Offering WaaS to Get Your MSP Business Phone Ringing off the Hook!

MSP BusinessIs your MSP business looking to increase business and start getting that phone to ring off the hook? If so, you need to look into one of the services that’s rapidly gaining interest: WaaS or Workplace-as-a-Service. WaaS is the natural progression of DaaS, or Desktop-as-a-Service. DaaS was a cloud delivery of virtual desktops to end user devices so that multiple employees could work on identical systems. This eliminated the need for the training and conversion that comes with working on different systems.

As the workplace has evolved, we’ve gone more toward the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system where employees are allowed to work on a wide variety of devices including their personal laptops, tablets, and even smart phones. WaaS provides a cloud system that allows all of the business’s employees to work on identical systems, regardless of the device they’re using. Here are several reasons to include WaaS in your MSP business:

It’s Customizable

Most MSP providers want solutions they can customize to their clients. Gone are the days where cookie-cutter IT services can survive. You must remain nimble and able to meet your clients where they are— and where they want to be. WaaS services are as unique as the clients you’re offering them to. When you meet with clients, you can explain to them how the system works and how you can configure it to their system and the multitude of devices their team utilizes on a daily basis.

It’s Perfect for a Mobile Workforce

More and more companies are depending on a mobile workforce to make their business successful. Whether this includes remote workers, those who work from home, or those who are constantly on the road, these businesses need solutions that can work from any location and on multiple devices. WaaS services were created to empower the mobile workforce and will be very appealing to any of your clients who value flexibility.

It’s the Future

The mobile workforce and BYOD trends aren’t going anywhere soon. In fact, they’ll continue to increase and become even more vital as technology evolves. When you invest in WaaS, you’re investing in the future of your company.

Your Competitors are Probably Already Offering WaaS
If your clients can’t find solutions that work for their mobile workforce, they’re likely to start looking for a new MSP. To continue to be competitive in the marketplace, you need to provide the cutting-edge options your clients and prospects are looking for.

It Makes Your Job Easier

The whole point of WaaS services is that it makes for a more seamless, understandable, and user-friendly experience. When your clients are happy and have fewer questions or problems, this makes for less work for your team. Why wouldn’t you want to provide a service that’s beneficial to everyone involved, right?

It Adds Another Revenue Stream to Your Business

The more services you offer that potential clients want, the more profitable you become. When you add WaaS to your repertoire, you could attract another level or group of clients, or you could add on services to those you already work with.

Your MSP business thrives on providing flexible, customized solutions to your clients. One of the most important things you can do to keep your company cutting-edge is to keep an eye on technology that’s in demand and that’ll continue to grow into the future.

The BYOD and seamless experience trends are only increasing, and your business can benefit by staying ahead of the competition and providing services to facilitate these trends before your competition. By incorporating WaaS services, you’re ensuring your mobile clients have the solutions they need to support a nimble and technology-based workforce.