Are You Still Waiting for MSP Business Referrals to Make the First Move?

IT Services San FranciscoAs the owner of a managed service provider business, one of the best ways for you to get new customers is through referrals. You build up these quality relationships with the customers that you already have and they learn to trust you. As a way to pay you back, they talk to their friends or colleagues about the work that you do. These types of referrals are one of the biggest ways that an MSP business can grow naturally, without having a massive advertising and marketing budget that you go through every single month. Referrals are key, but they shouldn’t be the only thing to rely on.
One of the biggest issues a managed service provider business can have is the trap of the waiting game. They’re under the belief that the referrals are going to come in, so rather than proactively seeking out the business, they become stagnant. They may find themselves waiting by the phone, waiting for that call to come in from someone who heard about your company from a friend. The chances are that indeed happen, but that does not mean that you should just keep on waiting endlessly.

Take the Proactive Approach

You want to be proactive when it comes to making the first move for your MSP business. Sure, referrals are going to be able to bring business to you, but chances are that those referrals aren’t going to be enough to get your business to where you want it to be. It’s going to take more than that; it’s going to take a proactive approach to you and the rest of your company.
If you know of companies out there that could benefit from your services, why not reach out to them? Even with a minimal advertising budget, you can still pick up the phone, make some calls, and see if there are areas where you can add value for customers, then provide them with your quality services. Just introducing your company to someone can be just as powerful as a full-blown referral.

Using Social Media

You can also encourage your existing customers to be a bit more active regarding trying to draw the referrals to you. One of the best ways to do this is to employ social media. If you still don’t have a presence on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, it’s time to make a move. Talk about your company, connect with your current customers, and put content out there that’s going to be the value-add.
When you engage your current customers on social media, what’s going to happen is that you’re going to get more people to start talking about you and your company. The more they talk, the better the chance that you end up with a quality referral and a new customer out of it when it’s all said and done. Social media is a powerful tool that’s often underutilized by companies because they’re just waiting on referrals to roll in.

The MSP business market is one that’s crowded and highly competitive. You can’t just wait by the phone for a reference to reach out to you as a way to gain a new customer and expand. Don’t wait by the phone— take grasp of your customer base and expand on it for a better future for your company!




Mark McGarvey

Mark McGarvey is president of One Click Solutions Group, a managed services in San Francisco and security provider serving small and mid-sized businesses with 20 to 100 employees in the Bay Area. Mark began his career in msp consulting, before living in San Francisco, in the 90s as a senior support technician for a then-small company in Austin, TX called Dell. After working for a number of organizations in desktop support/management and systems administration, Mark realized a passion for two things: Ensuring computer systems ran smoothly and keeping the people that used these systems happy and productive. This passion helped him get his IT business started in San Francisco!  As a small business owner, Mark empathizes with other business owners that need computer support in San Francisco and understands the things dearest to them: Increasing productivity and efficiency and keeping costs low and ROI high.