Are You a Marketing Problem Solver for IT Issues or a Buck Passer?

San Deigo IT SupportWhat Good is Passing the Buck?

Marketing for IT requires an approach thick with perspicacity. There has to be continual, concerted effort for success. Just like a salesman must continuously fight to close a sale and have the determination to keep fighting for additional sales, marketing must push forward perpetually in order to achieve real return on investment or ROI, which doesn’t happen without effort. Like an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, you’ll only receive returns on a concerted investment.

Unfortunately, many MSPs don’t have the right determination. There’s a trend in society today of “passing the buck.” Instead of “hitting the streets” and not giving up until results are attained, many today would rather delegate and hope— these are called “buck passers.” Such individuals will encounter resistance of one kind or another, throw up their hands, and pawn the problem off on somebody else, rather than work critically to obtain a solution. Thomas Edison made a very sage observation about human nature in this regard. He pointed out that many opportunities are missed by many people because those opportunities are disguised in a uniform which looks a lot like work.

When it comes to marketing for IT, you’ll find that you get out what you put in. If you put in the work, you’ll get results. If you don’t, you won’t. Here’s the difficulty: if you’re going to get leads and increase your online ranking in search results of varying search engines, it’s going to require a substantial time commitment. That’s all well and good if, internally, your company has the resources to devote to such commitment. But if you’re not an MSP that can afford to create an entire hired division with a sole purpose of increasing marketing effectiveness, then doing so will substantively represent a high opportunity cost whose returns may not be worthy of the investment.

Solving This Problem

In order to get reasonable return on your investment as pertains to marketing, one of the wisest choices you can make is to let the professionals do the work your MSP can’t. Even larger MSPs benefit from outsourcing marketing endeavors to an established SEO agency. The right agencies have a long list of clients who have successfully achieved increased and top-ranked positions from their services. They’ll be able to show you what works and what doesn’t, and how to get what you want through SEO techniques.

Features of a Worthwhile SEO Agency

Beyond having a bevy of clients who have successfully seen results, you want a content marketing agency that has a specific concentration in MSP solutions. Certainly, there are many marketing groups which can generally create content for you. But if they don’t understand MSPs and their clients intrinsically, you won’t receive as great a return on your investment as you could.

The next thing you’re looking for is more than one strategy of approach. Search engine optimization (or SEO) involves more than merely keywords. Certainly, these constitutes a big part of it, as is using keywords that are statistically known to be relevant to a given MSP. But you’ve also got social media optimization (SMO), guest blogging through established avenues of promotion, the act of promoting content, and regular creation of content at intervals which are the most profitable. All these things require experience to properly employ.

Additionally, they require that those effecting marketing solutions aren’t of the “pass the buck” variety. You want an SEO organization that’s willing to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work you’re paying them for. You’re not looking for some group to invent excuses why their techniques aren’t as successful as you’d like.
There’s usually an established process involved in creation of successful content that looks something like this:
• Content topics are brainstormed
• Resulting ideas are reviewed by the client
• Content is created
• Content is keyword optimized
• Content is published
• Content is promoted
• Guest blogging efforts are pursued

Keeping the Buck

Marketing for IT, which involves determined efforts informed by experience and utilizing multiple echelons of online marketing technique to effect results, are going to represent a high quotient of ROI. With the right agency, you can trust in actionable lead-generation.



Robert Naragon

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