Does Your IT Marketing Have a Vertical Focus?

IT MarketingThere are so many different approaches that you can take when it comes to your IT marketing. Every single marketing professional out there is going to do things differently. Some will think that it makes sense to generalize the marketing approach, some may make it more niche, while the smartest will likely go with the tactic of honing in on a particular vertical. No matter what path your company is taking, make sure you know the strategy and are in full agreement with it.

Managed service providers should be aware of their target audience. When they know their intended audience, who they’re targeting is going to be much easier from a marketing perspective. The whole idea of a vertical is to just hone in on one particular industry. Doing this is going to give you a leg up on the competitors that are being more general, more just bland regarding detailing out who they’re trying to serve in the marketplace.

The Generalist Approach Fails

There’s a big problem in the market when it comes to the generalist approach to IT marketing. A managed service provider that takes a generalist approach is going to try and sell to everybody. The message is going to be broad and not targeted at any industry or any particular group of individuals or companies. While the marketing message may be sound, it’s not going to resonate much with the customers out there that are looking for that exceptional level of care, the attention that they want, and an approach that is unique to them.
The generalist approach is something that’s going to get you some customers, but not all potential clients. The goal should be for any managed service provider to try and get as much of a share of the market as they can. When you take the generalist approach, you won’t be able to put enough of a dent in any particular vertical to gain significant traction.

Vertical Tactics Work

The vertical tactic works when it comes to information technology marketing. The whole idea behind the vertical tactic is that you target one particular industry. Instead of promoting managed service provider work that you do for every industry out there, figure out the one that you want to serve most.

Say it is companies in the auto industry. Target all your marketing towards that vertical so that you can service as many car businesses in need of information technology service providers as possible.

Customers want to know that they’re hiring a company that’s going to give them as specialized of an approach as possible. The more that they know and gain trust in your knowledge of a particular industry, the better off you’re going to be from top to bottom at getting them to sign a contract with you for your specific services. There are plenty of different paths you can take from a marketing approach, but going the vertical route typically leads to the greatest level of success for the biggest companies out there.

Bottom Line

Customers want to know that they are getting a specific approach to their particular IT needs. The managed service providers that go with a vertical IT marketing tactic are going to be those that gain that highest level of confidence and get the most traction with their target market. Know your customer base and drive all the marketing towards them. When you do this, what you’re going to find is that your market share will increase with that group and the expertise you gain in that area will expand to your benefit.

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