MSPs Need Internet Redundancy When Marketing Cloud Services!

Internet Redundancy and Internet Failover Sell The Cloud

MSP MarketingWhen you offer marketing cloud services, you should know that one of the biggest concerns clients are going to have about the cloud is losing Internet connectivity. The argument goes that if all systems are located in the cloud, and the cloud services hosting those systems are accessed through the Internet, what happens if the Internet fails? It’s a good question, but it’s easily answered. Internet redundancy and fail-over techniques will save the day. Even if there are frequent Internet outages, this solution has stamina.
In a nutshell, you’re going to want a basic data connection which acts as the main ISP, or Internet Service Provider (something you can learn more about online), but you’ll additionally want a backup connection that a fail-over device manages. For clients who are extremely paranoid, give them two backup options as supporting struts against their main ISP. Given their savings on hardware and its maintenance over time, this shouldn’t be a terribly difficult sale. The point is: provided there are provisions for maintenance of internet connection when losses occur, no loss of value in cloud computing services will be experienced.

A Hidden Advantage in Selling Approaches

There’s a hidden selling point here that you shouldn’t miss, too. If a potential client raises a lack of internet fail-over redundancy as a disadvantage of cloud computing, you have an open shot at reclaiming provisions of their internet for your MSP. What you can do is say something to the effect of “It really sounds like you’re having internet difficulties at your location. Are you experiencing regular net outages?” They’ll have to either backpedal or answer in the affirmative, which gives you carte Blanche to sell them a total cloud solution. When your SLA provides an ISP functioning as a backup device, in conjunction with a router which works as a fail-over device, suddenly a sustainable and progressive solution becomes tangible for your client. Not only does cloud computing securely function as a replacement for onsite options, it also helps solve problems like persistent Internet outages through built-in net redundancy and fail-over. Now, marketing cloud services just became a whole lot easier.

Further Advantages

Internet connectivity is paramount to modern business, but cloud computing provides so much more than redundant failover techniques. There is hardware savings, which come from a solution that requires no hardware to implement (or practically none); you’ll still need some form of interface. Additionally, there is a greater computational ability from a network of servers operating in a cloud capacity. This computational upgrade comes in conjunction with accessibility from any location where the Internet can be acquired. Furthermore, there are backup and recovery options with cloud computing that allow for complete business continuity in the event of a crash, curtailing downtime. Any business with more than a few years’ experience understands that downtime isn’t something which can be excised from operations; it’s only something that can be diminished. Cloud computing solutions will substantially diminish losses from downtime.
Even more than the savings which come from curtailed downtime and Internet failover security are those which have the potential to undercut operational expenses in an infrastructural way. Until today, it was unthinkable that an office full of workers should support their company from anywhere but that company’s primary location. However, with cloud computing technology that allows instantaneous access to systems which process data in real time more efficiently than many private server arrays, it is now possible for offices to outsource work-space to home environments. Employees can cut commutes, managers aren’t required to remain in a cubicle overseeing interns and new hires every day, and the maintenance/rental costs associated with a downtown sky-rise are gone with the wind. All you need is one office for professional regions, and the rest of the floor becomes unnecessary; saving your business hundreds of thousands every year while retaining your competitive edge against other corporations.

Surprising Advantages

Marketing cloud services becomes much more applicable to clients and ultimately successful when you focus on unique positives like:
• Internet Failover Redundancy
• Reduced Infrastructural Expenses
• Omni-Locational Operability of Services
• Cutting-Edge Processing Power via Top-Tier Server Arrays
Focusing on areas like these demonstrate the true value of cloud computing to potential clients.

Johannes Beekman
MSP SEO Factory
Austin, TX

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